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A normal person's guide to buying an old film camera - Popular Science

Today, Kodak announced it was bringing back one of its iconic black-and-white films, TMax P3200 , which has been out of production since 2012. It’s a monochrome film that’s extra-sensitive to light, so you can shoot with it in dark settings, and it will give you a gritty, grimy look that so many smartphone filter apps have tried to replicate. But that’s not the only good news in the film...

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Hands-On Review: Testing the New Lensbaby Sol 45 Lens - Adorama

As I’ve observed, the lens is also a cross between a portrait lens and a tilt shift. The “tilt shift” motion doesn’t actually shift the frame (as with a true tilt shift), but rather moves the area of focus around the frame like other Lensbaby products such as the Composer Pro II. This feature allows you to selectively focus on a small portion of the frame, effectively pushing other areas on the... via www.adorama.com

The Best Cameras for Travel | PCMag.com - PCMag

Travel photography is a broad term that can mean very different things to different people. World explorers want to capture the moment while still taking it all in, but there are also those who travel as a means to make new photos.

Regardless of your purpose, taking a good camera—or cameras —with you when you travel will let you capture the views and memories that you've gone so far...

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Nikon Puts the 1 System to Bed - PCMag

Launched in 2011, the small-sensor mirrorless system had a niche following, but never made a big splash in the marketplace. Rumors are swirling that it's going to be replaced quickly, but instead of using a relatively tiny 1-inch image sensor Nikon will opt for the 35mm full-frame format for its next swipe at making inroads into the mirrorless market.

It's as good as time as any to look back...

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