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25 Years Later, Mario Sorrenti Unveils Intimate Photos of Kate Moss - Artsy

camera film metal 35mm germany lens pentax mini mount made ii german porn da shutter meter braun f28 45mm extinction compact k5 m39 paxette staeblekata 50135 prontorsvs smcpda50135mmf28edifsdm
Photo by Kurayba on Flickr
For nearly three decades, Kate Moss has stared down the lenses of every major fashion photographer. She is her generation’s Twiggy, swinging the fashion pendulum away from curvy models back toward waiflike figures with doe-eyed gazes. Gallery exhibitions have analyzed the power of her face, and auction houses have sold pictures of it for millions . Nearly a dozen books have been published about... via www.artsy.net

If You Don't Own a 50mm Prime Lens, Go and Spend $50 Right Now - Fstoppers

35mm pentax cameras filmcameras
Photo by Jim Grey on Flickr

Ideally, every photographer would kit themselves with a 24-70mm f/1.2, but sadly, thanks to physics, such a lens doesn't exist. For a zoom lens, the widest you will find is f/2.8 (though Canon has recently announced the 24-70mm f/2.0 for their shiny new EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera), so photographers shooting people tend to keep a selection of fast primes in their bag instead. At one...

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Has full-frame finally killed off smaller-sensor cameras? - TechRadar

canada home photography prime one diy edmonton time pentax equipment made homemade 01 alberta single use 28 q standard 85 f28 k5 viewfinder f19 pentaxf smcpentaxf28mmf28
Photo by Kurayba on Flickr

With news of a strategic partnership between Panasonic, Leica and Sigma now official, the mirrorless camera format has celebrated turning 10 with arguably its most significant year yet.

Even just a few months ago, anyone after a full-frame mirrorless camera had only Sony and Leica to turn to. Sony may have worked hard to get to its third generation of full-frame Alpha mirrorless...

via www.techradar.com

Fujifilm GFX 50R Lowers the Cost of Medium Format Photography - PCMag UK (blog)

film pentax cameras
Photo by Jim Grey on Flickr

Fujifilm wasn't the first to put out a medium format camera priced for the masses, but its $6,500 GFX 50S , which debuted at previous Photokina show in 2016, spurred more photographers to expand their vision outside the confines of a 35mm film frame.

It also drove down the price of its most comparable rival, the Pentax 645Z , which has dropped to about $5,500, down from an $8,500...

via uk.pcmag.com

How Photography Can Actually Make You Unhappy - Fstoppers

film pentax cameras
Photo by Jim Grey on Flickr

Coming to you from Jamie Windsor , this great video discusses the cycle of using gear for gratification and how this can distract from the true reasons for pursuing photography and place one in an unending cycle of spending money for short-term satisfaction. I certainly don't think there's anything wrong with being a gear geek — that is, in the sense of enjoying the marvels of modern...

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