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EMULSIVE interview #103: I am Raffael Stiborek and this is why I shoot film - EMULSIVE film.photography (press release) (blog)

RS: I’m a 28 year old portrait and fine art photographer born and raised in Salzburg, Austria working and living in Vienna for a couple of years. I enjoy travelling and good food.

When did you start shooting film and what about now? What drives you to keep shooting?

RS: About 5 years ago, when I decided to buy a fancy...

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EMULSIVE interview #129: I am Barnaby Nutt and this is why I shoot film - EMULSIVE film.photography (press release) (blog)

This is an important picture in my development as a film user as it scored a few ‘firsts’. It was among my first rolls of 120 film; it was also one of the first rolls that I processed and scanned myself; and I later learnt darkroom printing using this very frame.

It was taken on Bournemouth beach on the UK’s south coast. I was there with my wife for her birthday and as we sat...

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EMULSIVE interview #184: I am Matt Parry and this is why I shoot film - EMULSIVE film.photography (press release) (blog)

MP: This is a portrait of a cemetery worker in Havana, Cuba. The encounter was not a particularly memorable one however, it is an image I keep coming back to because it was shot on my first ever roll of black & white film back in December 2003.

Until then I had only ever shot colour and while I enjoyed taking pictures on my travels I wasn’t really ‘into’...

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EMULSIVE interview #169: I am Darren Kelland and this is why I shoot film - EMULSIVE film.photography (press release) (blog)

Welcome to this week’s EMULSIVE interview. Today I’m welcoming Darren Kelland into the fold with his signature style of Long exposure black and white photography.

If you’re looking for a splash of colour, don’t fear, I managed to squeeze a rare frame from him which you can see below.

Over to you, Darren!

Hi Darren, What’s this picture,...

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'Instant Magny 35' transforms your old film camera into a Polaroid - Engadget

The Instant Magny 35 consists of an enlarging film back, aluminum lens barrel and film ejection unit. To use it, you remove the back of your camera and replace it with the Magny back. Then, you just snap the other modules on (using bayonet mounts) and take pictures as usual -- the image is enlarged and projected via mirrors to the instant film at the bottom. Afterwards, you hit a button and...

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