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The EOS R is official and it's a big leap for Canon - CNET

classic film singapore minolta sony dslr a100 x700 mps
Photo by i.am.leon on Flickr
delivers, but who like the idea of the smaller mirrorless body and lens.

The EOS R is slated to ship in October. Its MSRP of $2,300 for the body and $3,400 for the kit with RF 24-105mm f4L IS USM lens seems a bit steep, given the A7 III's $2,000 price tag, though for all we know the Nikon Z6's will be equally high. The pricing seems more intended to fill a strategic gap between the 6D Mark...

via www.cnet.com

Sony Compact Cameras Fight to Remain Relevant With Superzoom - TechTheLead

sony dslr a850
Photo by 아우크소(Auxo.co.kr) on Flickr

As smartphones’ cameras get more DSLR-qualities as time goes by, keeping a small form factor, compact cameras are seemingly on the verge of extinction. Yet, Sony has a hard time letting go. At IFA, the company proved there are still things a smartphone just isn’t able to do, but a travel cam certainly can.

What’s that , you ask. Superzoom is the short answer. The Cybershot...

via techthelead.com

Canon Launches New EOS R Mirrorless DSLR Camera Hot On The Heels Of Nikon's Z Series - Forbes

sony cameras dslr h9 sonydslra100
Photo by shumpei_sano_exp7 on Flickr

Following hot on the heels of Nikon , Canon has today announced the EOS R, a full-frame mirrorless DSLR camera in a bid to challenge Sony, which has taken a lead in sales of full-frame mirrorless cameras in the USA.

The Canon EOS R system will use a brand new RF lens mount that has the same diameter as Canon’s existing EF mount but uses a shorter back...

via www.forbes.com

Canon enters full-frame mirrorless market with EOS R and four new lenses - AppleInsider

sony dslr
Photo by shumpei_sano_exp1 on Flickr

On the heels of Nikon's announcement featuring the full-frame mirrorless Z6 and Z7, Canon has fired back with a compact shooter of its own.

The EOS R is the first full-frame mirrorless for Canon, and launched alongside four lenses and several lens adapters.

Unlike Nikon, who introduced a more entry-level model as well as a higher end, Canon opted for a... via appleinsider.com

Leica C-Lux Review: A Premium Compact Camera That You Will Love For The Long Zoom - News18

sigmalens1770mm sonydslra300 sonysal50f18sam50mmf18
Photo by e.r.w.i.n. on Flickr
While the smartphones may have wiped out a significant chunk of the lower and mid-range camera market, the combination of the compact footprint and the mirrorless technology pegs the compact mirrorless cameras at par with the much larger DSLR cameras and also leave the smartphones far behind with significantly larger zoom. Sony’s mirrorless cameras, specifically the RX series, were setting the... via www.news18.com

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