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Sony A7 III, a full-frame mirrorless meant to be a DSLR killer - Business Review

The Romanian photo market that includes all camera sold, grew In 2017 with 1 percent, up to EUR 26 million. That is a rather small number for a market where we have such big competitors, like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus or Panasonic and very expensive cameras. But even if no one is willing to give numbers regarding market quota or number of cameras sold, there still are launches...

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5 Best Digital Camera Under Rs. 10000 in India | 2018 - Techlomedia (blog)

People generally think that having a good camera smartphone is enough for photography. But let me tell you, there are many features that a smartphone can’t give you if you want a good quality picture. For example, if you zoom a photograph clicked by a smartphone, the image quality gets lousy. Also, a smartphone can’t give a better quality image if you zoom to click pictures.


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6-year-old survives shipwreck in Canada's Arctic: His story - The Weather Network

Humans are naturally curious and here in Canada, exploration is an important part of our national identity. From the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to commanding the International Space Station we have made our mark, showing the world that for Canadians exploration is limitless.

Join us each month for a new adventure as we highlight the achievements of a celebrated Canadian explorer as...

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Tilta Updates Its Award Winning Cage For Sony a7 III and a9 Cameras - cinema5D news

Cages have become an integral part of camera setups over the last few years as they expand the usability and functionality of DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras. Tilta’s camera cages are renowned for their durable construction and many compatible accessories. In fact, Titla previously won the cinema5D ‘ Best Sony a7S II Cage ‘ back in 2015. The guys will do an update of that review series for...

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Safari checklist: what to pack for your next wildlife trip – Hong Kong experts share tips - South China Morning Post

A highlight of any visit to the African bush or the Asian jungle is, of course, wildlife. Whether you want to see the big five in the savannahs and rift valleys of East Africa, leopards in Sri Lanka, or tigers in India, getting the most out of a safari trip means thinking carefully about what you take with you, because even luxury trips have some surprising restrictions.

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