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Yongnuo Releases a Dirt Cheap 100mm Lens for Canon Users - Fstoppers

camera light black film analog studio 50mm nikon body flash gimp f2 nikkor 18 softbox tabletop metz afs 235 cameraporn d610 strobist darktable onikkor af48n
Photo by whatStefanSees on Flickr
it's tough to say if this 100mm will be worth picking up. Rumor has it that the focus ring is indeed opposite from what we are used to on our current lenses, which is quite humorous although may be frustrating at the same time. Talk about a learning curve! But the more important question remains: What will the image quality look like? With a price point of around $170 USD, one may think that... via fstoppers.com

The Yongnuo YN-24EX TTL Macro Flash for Canon Cameras is flashy but not pricey - The Gadgeteer

camera 1954 whitebackground softbox yashicaflex homestudio offcameraflash tabletopphotography oldfilmcamera twinreflexcamera yn560 yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Photo by Bill Gracey on Flickr

Once again, Yongnuo is making a difference in the photography industry with another one of their photography products. The Yongnuo YN-24EX TTL Macro Flash for Canon Cameras is a great product that works very well, and is priced less than 1/5 the cost of the Canon macro twin flash. I own this twin flash, and while it is not completely equal to its Canon counterpart, it comes in at a...

via the-gadgeteer.com

Yongnuo Macro Lens YN 60mm F2 MF - PhotographyBLOG (blog)

afsdxvrzoomnikkor55200mmf456gifed diysnootgrid
Photo by Reymond Galvez on Flickr

Chinese manufacturer Yongnuo, best known for their affordable versions of Canon lenses, have announced the YN 60mm F2 MF macro lens. The nearest focus distance can reach 0.234m and it has a 1:1 magnification ratio . The built-in electromagnetic aperture supports automatic exposure in M/Av/Tv/P/B and other shooting modes, it has a half-press shutter manual focus prompt, and...

via www.photographyblog.com

Yongnuo launches YN43 Micro Four Thirds clip-on camera for smartphones - Camera Jabber (press release) (blog)

canon pentax flash sigma packshot product controller tabletop 6d 150mm sigma150mmf28 canon6d yongnuo yn560 k5iis yn560tx
Photo by Artur Filipiak on Flickr

Yongnuo has released the YN43, a new clip-on camera for smartphones that turns your phone into a Micro Four Thirds camera with a Canon EF mount.

On the other side of the YN43 is a clip that expands to fit smartphones of all different sizes. How it works is you attach your smartphone to the clip, and this becomes your live view screen.

Next you mount a Canon lens (the YN43...

via camerajabber.com

YONGNUO Macro Lens YN60mm F2 MF - Global Sources

canon lens table flash adobe product 6d offcameraflash cs6 strobist canon6d canon430exii canonef100mmf28lis yongnuo560ii lightroom5 yongnuorf603 canonef35mmf2is photosbydlee photosbydlee13
Photo by Daniel E Lee on Flickr
YONGNUO Macro Lens YN60mm F2 MF

Ø 0.234m macro mode, the magnification ratio is up to 1: 1
The nearest focus distance can reach about 0.234m, and the magnification ratio is up to 1: 1. Shooting in macro mode and infinity mode both can achieve good image quality, which is suitable for shooting in macro, portrait, landscape and other scenes.
Ø Supports... via www.globalsources.com

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