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Yongnuo Releases a Dirt Cheap 100mm Lens for Canon Users - Fstoppers

camera light black film analog studio 50mm nikon body flash gimp f2 nikkor 18 softbox tabletop metz afs 235 cameraporn d610 strobist darktable onikkor af48n
Photo by whatStefanSees on Flickr
it's tough to say if this 100mm will be worth picking up. Rumor has it that the focus ring is indeed opposite from what we are used to on our current lenses, which is quite humorous although may be frustrating at the same time. Talk about a learning curve! But the more important question remains: What will the image quality look like? With a price point of around $170 USD, one may think that... via fstoppers.com

Create Amazing Food Photos With a Single Speedlight - Fstoppers

camera 1954 whitebackground softbox yashicaflex homestudio offcameraflash tabletopphotography oldfilmcamera twinreflexcamera yn560 yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Photo by Bill Gracey on Flickr

The final image should appear as though it was shot in a restaurant near a large natural light source, although this couldn't be further from the truth. The final image here was shot in my apartment (which is already fairly devoid of natural light anyway) at 8 p.m.

The Gear

For this shoot, I used a single Yongnuo YN560IV speedlight set to manual mode and fired wirelessly...

via fstoppers.com

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