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Cotter yearbook staff wins new camera - Baxter Bulletin

The Cotter High School Yearbook stay now has a new Canon T6 camera package after being the winner of a regional drawing among schools who partner with Jostens Yearbooks.

The camera package was recently presented by Jostens area representative Stacy Harrington.

"Congratulations to adviser Sandy Wilhite and the Cotter High School Yearbook Staff for winning the Canon Rebel T6...

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The Canon EOS 1D C could still be the best 4K DSLR available - RedShark News (press release)

The Canon EOS-1D “C,” which stands for Canon's respected Cinema line of production cameras, was first publicly announced on April 12, 2012, and was released to market in March of 2013 with a suggested street price of US$15,000 for a body only.

EOS stands for “Electrical Operating System” and was first introduced by Canon in 1967. The Canon EOS-1 D C is considered to be the...

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Canon's fingerprint scanner idea does more than just lock the camera down - Digital Trends

Fingerprint ID technology on smartphones may already seem old hat to some , but it appears that camera companies are now taking a close look at it for some of their own devices.

A recent Canon patent shows a fingerprint sensor not only on the front of a camera body, but also on the side of a lens (marked 46 and 32, respectively, in the diagram below).

With photographers’...

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Man Says He Ordered a $6000 DSLR on Amazon But Got Rocks, Then Bricks - PetaPixel (blog)

[T]his happens A LOT, especially with high end items (Mac Laptops, Cameras, Ipads etc). Usually this is the result of someone selling an item that is Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). There are countless fraud markers that get set off when someone lists a product that is considered high value and high risk, which are then used to hold funds so that the fraudulent seller doesn’t get their money and...

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The new low-cost Canon camera you've never heard of misses the ... - imaging resource

Canon announced three cameras recently. You may have only heard about two of them: the Canon EOS M50 and the Canon Rebel T7 . Both of these cameras are positioned as entry-level cameras (although I don't agree with this designation for the M50 given its advanced features and specs) but the third camera Canon announced is very entry-level in every sense of the term. Enter the Canon...

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