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NASA shares the story of how a SpaceX launch completely melted this poor camera - Mashable

On May 22, a SpaceX rocket launch left one poor, seemingly high-end camera horribly disfigured and forever ruined. Now, NASA has shared the specifics of what happened.

Bill Ingalls, the space and aeronautics agency's photographer, is the one who was tasked that day with capturing the launch. But even his 30 years of experience couldn't have stopped this from happening on that...

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Canon Kills Film Camera Sales, Eight Years After Stopping ... - Digital Trends

Eight years after ending actual production of film cameras, Canon has discontinued the company’s last film SLR. Canon Japan recently announced the end of sales for the Canon EOS-1V, a pro-level film SLR — and the company’s last remaining film option.

The end of the ability to buy a brand new (unused but stored for eight years) Canon EOS-1v is a notable, nostalgic moment for the...

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How does Canon's new entry-level T7 stack up against the T7i? Not that great - Digital Trends

With multiple choices in both the current and previous generation, selecting the right camera from Canon’s Rebel line of entry-level DSLRs can be a daunting task. Looking at just the latest models, you’ll find the Rebel T7 and Rebel T7i — two cameras that are similar in name and appearance, but little else. And while the T7 is the newer of the two, it’s actually the lower-end model,...

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More Pros Than Ever Can Now Benefit From The Newly Expanded Canon CarePAK Program - PR Newswire (press release)

Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the expansion of its CarePAK PRO and CarePAK PLUS service and support offerings for imaging professionals. The current CarePAK PRO program, which now includes accidental damage protection, has been restructured to meet the needs of the professional cinema, house of worship, and in-house corporate video production industries, among... via www.prnewswire.com

After 82 years, Canon sends its film cameras to the Big Dark Room ... - The Hustle (blog)

Canon issued a heartbreaking statement yesterday that it would discontinue sales of film cameras and pull its final EOS-1v from the sales rack.The rise of inexpensive digital cameras (like the one in your iPhone) has led to a mass extinction of old-school film cameras, and Canon isn’t the only company kicking the canister.

Film is an endangered species


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