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Nikon takes on Sony with mirrorless cameras - Chicago Daily Herald

With Nikon's entry, Sony will no longer have the only high-grade mirrorless cameras that excel at capturing sharp images of fast-moving objects. Canon Inc. has also said that it's considering its own model, setting the stage for a battle for professionals and enthusiasts. Although smartphones have decimated digital-camera sales, the three Japanese companies benefit from the branding and...

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There has been an outbreak of camera store burglaries in the US since 2016. Are they connected? - OCRegister

With ninja-like precision, a team of thieves ransacked the Pro Photo Connection store in Irvine on May 11 stealing about $160,000 in cameras and equipment in less than 26 minutes.

The thieves (a security video shows four and possibly five suspects with one suspect directing the others) cut a hole in the roof, cut the alarm, hauled merchandise out of the store in large cardboard...

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Canon's mysterious full-frame mirrorless camera could launch next ... - TechRadar

The latest word, according to CanonRumors , is that at least one of the two Canon full-frame mirrorless cameras could be unveiled as soon as September 5.

Previous rumors suggested that Canon would announce the new range at Photokina this year (which runs from September 26 to 29), but CanonRumors says it is “likely” we’ll get official word on the first one next week.


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Both revolution and evolution, Canon's EOS R is the latest mirrorless challenger - Digital Trends

The footprint is smaller than most of Canon’s DSLRs, yet the EOS R is no lightweight; it has a construction that says to photographers, “you can take me into the most demanding environments.” We used the EOS R in the natural surroundings of Maui, Hawaii, where Canon launched the camera (we were guests of Canon, but all opinion is entirely our own), and faced everything from waves and sand...

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Canon goes all-in on mirrorless with a full-frame camera and unique lenses - TNW

Hot on the heels of Nikon’s first full-frame mirrorless cameras, Canon is announcing its own: the EOS R. After releasing half-baked mirrorless products through its EOS M line – likely in an attempt to avoid cannibalizing its DSLR sales – the company appears to be embracing the format in its entirety.

The EOS R is a fairly mainstream full-frame camera at a $2299 (body-only) price. It...

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