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Canon patent would introduce fingerprint reader to cameras, lenses - Camera Jabber (press release) (blog)

Canon has filed a patent that would take the fingerprint reader technology now found on many smartphones and introduce it to cameras and lenses.

A patent filed in the United States would introduce a fingerprint sensor onto a lens barrel or the front of the grip on a camera body.

As an anti-theft technology, fingerprint readers are an important feature on a smartphone, but on...

via camerajabber.com

Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera Review: Good For Novices - Tom's Guide

The 24-megapixel Canon EOS M100 mirrorless camera is made for novices who yearn to capture more professional-looking shots or video than they can using a smartphone or a point-and-shoot, but find most advanced cameras intimidating. Overall, the Canon EOS M100 ($600) produced very good still photos and video, even in low light. It also includes intuitive ways to get creative, either while... via www.tomsguide.com

A look at Canon's impressive support operation at the Winter Olympics - imaging resource

It's pretty much expected to see huge support from camera companies when it comes to global sporting events. If you've followed camera news for a while, you've probably seen the photos: Huge rooms filled to the brim with camera bodies, stacks of lenses, hardworking support staff. But no matter how many times I see these photos, I'm still in awe. There is an absolute mammoth amount of work...

via www.imaging-resource.com

Hasselblad X1D review: 50 million astonishing pixels - The Verge

There’s a class of cameras designed almost exclusively for studio use. Expensive, hulking things, they live their lives on tripods, churning out exquisite portraits and other specialist photography for truly committed professionals. Hasselblad makes such cameras, and its flagship H6D is an archetypal example, costing $33,000 without a lens, but producing epic 100-megapixel shots. It’s those...

via www.theverge.com

Broadcast camera lenses at the Olympics can cost as much as a Lamborghini - Popular Science

Look around the sidelines of any Olympic event and you’ll see rows of photographers with enormous zoom lenses— gear that can easily climb above the $10,000 mark. They’re the stuff photographers dream about, but that equipment can seem relatively puny when compared to the massive broadcast lenses broadcasters are using to capture its insane amounts of Olympic coverage. In fact, the lenses...

via www.popsci.com

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