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A Beginner's Guide To 35mm Film Cameras - Esquire.co.uk

Chances are you have a mate who carries a vintage camera around at all times. Spends each weekend wandering aimlessly around the Barbican, photographing leaves and balconies. Would defend their Instagram ‘aesthetic’ with their lives, if it came down to it.

Still, what an Instagram it is! And they’re not alone in their obsession. Driven by a desire to stand out from the brunch...

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Is This the Only Camera Lens You'll Ever Need? Fstoppers Reviews the Tamron 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD - Fstoppers

This lens is specifically made for APS-C Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras and pairs well with the smaller lighter form factor of these cameras. The wide range of versatile shooting conditions this lens is capable of combined with the small form factor for such a long zoom range is what makes this such a contender for the only lens you need.


The Tamron...

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Hackers Deface Canon Security Cameras in Japan - BleepingComputer

Hackers have defaced tens of Canon security cameras across Japan, local media reported , printing the phrase "I'm Hacked. bye2" on the video feeds of affected devices.

Many defacements took place on Sunday, May 6, according to screengrabs from hacked devices, but there are reports that similar incidents have been taking place for weeks, since mid-April, according to posts on...

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Dozens of Canon security cameras hacked in Japan - Kyodo News Plus

Dozens of Canon Inc.'s security cameras connected to the internet have been hacked across Japan, making them uncontrollable at waterways, a fish market and a care facility among other places, users said Monday.

Over 60 cameras nationwide are believed to have been illegally accessed so far, and in most cases a message that reads "I'm Hacked. bye2" has been left on their screens...

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BriefCam to Be Acquired by Canon Inc. - Business Wire (press release)

The acquisition will drive further, rapid innovation in video analytics by BriefCam as well as new co-innovation activities with Canon and its market leading portfolio companies. In addition, it will enable BriefCam to enter new markets, deliver stronger vertical solutions, and serve its global customers even more effectively. BriefCam will continue to remain an open platform, working...

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