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Hands on with the X-H1, Fujifilm's new flagship mirrorless camera - New Atlas

Photo by masatsu on Flickr

One is the beefed up autofocus. The various autofocus modes are easily navigable through the menu and are the same as those on the X-T2, with the ability to cycle through options for multipurpose AF, ignore obstacles, objects fast approaching, objects suddenly appearing, and custom. It even uses the same processor as the X-T2, but thanks to a new algorithm and "parallel processing" it is...

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Fstoppers Reviews the Fujifilm GF 110mm f/2 R - Fstoppers

studio strobe fujifilmx100t
Photo by Wade Morgen on Flickr

A quick conversion for sensor size tells us that this lens will give the same field of view as an 87mm lens on 35mm full-frame. It will also provide the depth-of-field equivalent of an f/1.6 lens. Of course, it is still an f/2 lens in terms of light gathering, so you'll need a little more light to achieve the same depth of field as you would on a 35mm camera. So, this may seem like a good...

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Fujifilm Believes Their Mirrorless Cameras Will Eventually Match DSLR Autofocus - Ubergizmo

camera fujifilm x10 ipad
Photo by Wiertz Sébastien on Flickr

An example would in autofocus speeds where there are plenty of DSLRs that have no problems running circles around mirrorless systems. However Fujifilm thinks that this gap could soon be closed based on an interview with Focus Numerique (via Mirrorless Rumors ) where according to the Fujifilm managers that were interviewed, they think that the company’s mirrorless cameras have the potential...

via www.ubergizmo.com

Fendi Studios Celebrates the Brand's Award-Winning Costumes - Hollywood Reporter

cramer x100s fujifilm
Photo by Ameyo-kun on Flickr

The fashion house has opened its archives in Rome, with Academy Award-winning costumes on display from films including 'Marie Antoinette' and 'The Grand Budapest Hotel.'

If you are in Rome this spring, you may want to check out the interactive exhibition covering the first floor of the fashion house’s headquarters, featuring its best collaborations in cinema history, including a...

via www.hollywoodreporter.com

Traveling the World With the Fujifilm X100F - Fstoppers

fuji philippines electro fujifilm yashica rf xe1 35gx fujixe1
Photo by Daniel Y. Go on Flickr

But before I get into why I found this camera to be such a capable travel camera, can we all agree there is never going to be a perfect camera for all circumstances? Every camera has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on the type of photography being called for, and the situation the photographer finds themselves in. But for every photographer there is that one camera which is just...

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