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Fstoppers Reviews Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 Camera: Medium Format in Your Pocket - Fstoppers

The Instax SQ6 is the first proper square format film camera from Fujifilm. Although the Instax SQ10 has been available for some time now, it's not a true square format film camera. The SQ10 is actually a camera with a 1/4" sensor and printed images are a product of that small sensor. The SQ6, on the other hand, is completely a film camera, and the film size it uses is significantly larger...

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Taylor Swift teases her special edition Instax camera in three videos - CNET

Queen of instant film Taylor Swift teased her upcoming Instax camera in three videos on Wednesday.

Fujifilm initially announced the Instax square SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition in May, promising a fall release for the camera. Using her top pop bop Gorgeous as the soundtrack, the star showed off the camera in a promotional video, which saw her browsing through a pile of photos and capturing...

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The best instant cameras - Telegraph.co.uk

espite never having ‘gone away’ exactly, instant photography took a bit of a nosedive in the late 20th Century, squeezed out of the snap-happy insta-photo marketplace first by the rise of disposable cameras and then by the advent of the smartphone.

In recent years, however, instant cameras have swung back into fashion, propelled by the 'new cool' of old analogue media. There's certainly...

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Over 11000 Amazon Reviewers Love This Polaroid-Style Camera - Us Weekly

The compact camera is light and features an automatic exposure measurement. Its new high-key mode allows you to snap brighter pictures with a soft look. Even better, its new and improved viewfinder provides greater clarity and visibility.

Before you start snapping away, be sure to stock up on Fuji 96090 Instax Mini Instant Film . You can easily load the camera with the film...

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Anushka Sharma to endorse Instax cameras from Fujifilm - Devdiscourse

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has come on board for a digital partnership with Fujifilm India to promote its Instax range of instant cameras. Preserving memories with a physical print is the product's USP, says the actress.

The collaboration with Anushka -- known for her "inherent charm" and "novelty" -- is for the period of August to November 2018, the company announced via a...

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