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Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 review - CNET - CNET

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 takes the fun, nostalgic shooting experience of an instant film camera, combines it with the safety of shooting digital and adds the appeal of a new square print format that's familiar to both Polaroid and Instagram users.

Fujifilm's other Instax cameras are fully analog, which means every time you press the shutter release you get a film print. While...

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Fujifilm made a mobile printer for its new square format film - The ... - The Verge

Fujifilm unveiled a new square version of its Instax film this summer when it released the Instax SQ10 camera , and now it’s bringing that format to its lineup of small wireless printers. Today the company announced the $199 Instax Share SP-3, the third version of the company’s mobile instant film printers since the product was initially released at CES in 2014.

The SP-3 is the...

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Fujifilm and Polaroid begin litigation over photo borders - World Intellectual Property Review

Camera manufacturer Fujifilm has asked a US district court to clear it of any wrongdoing after it was allegedly threatened with trademark litigation by Polaroid.

Fujifilm filed its complaint for declaratory judgment on Monday, November 13, at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

In the suit, the brand licensor and marketer of the IP rights for...

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Motorola's latest Moto Mod slaps a $200 Polaroid printer to your phone - The Verge

Priciness aside, it’s also pretty bulky. It’s not slim enough to slip into a pocket, and if you’re going to be carrying around a printer, you might as well just bring a proper instant camera. Further confusing its own nostalgic mission, the Insta-Share boasts that it lets you customize photos with filters, borders, and text, which defeats the entire purpose of an instant camera! There are...

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Polaroid wants millions in royalty from Fujifilm for copying its trademarked white border film - The Verge

Until this fall , Polaroid had not made instant cameras and film in about a decade and instead branched out to licensing its name to other electronic products like televisions, tablets, and even drones . But despite all that, Polaroid is still trying to keep its brand synonymous with the square instant film look. So much so that it’s demanding millions of dollars in royalty payments from...

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