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GoPro Goes After Budget-Minded Customers (Again) - Outside Magazine

silveredition gopro hero3
Photo by PabloAsekas on Flickr

On Thursday, GoPro launched a new entry-level action camera called simply the Hero . It comes in sweet and low at just $200, and it’s seems to be aimed at people who think they maybe might want a GoPro, but aren't ready to commit to a pricier model.

The Hero has the same body as the Hero5 and Hero6, meaning it’s fairly compact, waterproof down to 33 feet without...

via www.outsideonline.com

GoPro Hero (2018) Review | All the Hero Casual Users Need ... - Digital Trends

gopro gopro3
Photo by talksrealfast on Flickr

GoPro’s entry-level camera for 2018 is its least exciting to date, but that’s kind of the point. It’s a no-frills action camera that emphasizes simplicity and ease-of-use over raw power, and it bears an equally no-frills name: Hero — no number, no color. It lacks the high-end specifications of the Hero6 Black , and is even outclassed by 2016’s Hero5 Black , but at $200, it brings core...

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Underwater Footage Reveals Lake Michigan's Invasive Mussel Problem - WisContext

Photo by HitnRunTony on Flickr

Scientists using GoPro cameras in Lake Michigan have found the lakebed coated in invasive quagga mussels .

The GoPros are attached to a small dredge used to sample the lakebed in what's called a "grab." Called a Ponar dredge, the device has long been used to research lake bottoms. It takes a scoop of sand, mud and mussels for analysis. The addition of the camera helps guide the...

via www.wiscontext.org

GoPro trains neural net to think like a dog - New Atlas

blackfriday consumertechnology retailanalyst
Photo by IntelFreePress on Flickr

Researchers at the University of Washington are using GoPro cameras to train AI neural networks to behave and plan like dogs. By strapping a GoPro camera to an Alaskan Malamute's head, the team recorded 380 dog's-eye-view video clips which were then shown to the neural net to teach it how dogs are likely to behave in a given situation. The team calls this DECADE, or the Dataset of...

via newatlas.com

What To Do With GoPro - Seeking Alpha

camera mount 3dprinting hotshoe
Photo by Pete Prodoehl on Flickr

GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO ) recently launched a new camera called HERO . It's an entry-level camera focused on lower budgets. The HERO costs $200, has a touchscreen on the back, is waterproof down to 33 feet, and has electronic image stabilization, voice controls, WiFi, and Bluetooth capability.

However, it lacks the resolution that other GoPro cameras have. The frame...

via seekingalpha.com

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