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Polaroid reinvented: A new camera brand and a 28-year-old CEO - CNNMoney

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Photo by WindKoh on Flickr

Now, it's banking on a new brand and camera to breathe new life into Polaroid.

At an event held in New York City on Wednesday, the company showed off its new OneStep 2, a nod to Polaroid's OneStep analog instant camera from 1977.

It also unveiled Polaroid Originals, a brand focused on analog instant photography. The brand will sell fully refurbished vintage...

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三星或将再推旗舰级相机,这次还要用上跟三星S9 一样的处理器 - 爱范儿 · 报道未来,服务新生活引领者

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三星或將再推旗艦級相機,這次還要用上跟三星S9 一樣的處理器 - 中國新聞網 (新聞發布)

原標題:三星或將再推旗艦級相機,這次還要用上跟三星 S9 一樣的處理器


是初嘗智能化的 Galaxy Camera,還是基於「手機也變焦」概念打造出來的「手、相機混合體」Galaxy S4 Zoom

這兩款都是三星進入 Android 時代后的產品,主要是為那些熱衷於社交媒體和照片分享平台的用戶服務。這股熱潮還是紅了一段時間,跟在三星後面,還有寶麗來和 instagram 合作的 Socialmatic。

只是,這一波熱潮沒有持續很久。廠商們都高估了這類需求,推出的產品也沒有展示出足夠的吸引力,最後只會被遺忘。不管是 S4 Zoom 還是 Galaxy Camera,結局也是一樣。


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Pre-orders open for Polaroid's quirky Socialmatic camera - Digital Trends

It’s been in the pipeline for a couple of years , but you can now finally get your hands on Polaroid’s quirky Instagram-style camera — the Socialmatic snapper is available to pre-order on Amazon for $299.99, with a quoted release date of January 1, 2015. The device can instantly create prints of your photos, just like traditional Polaroid cameras, as well as upload images to the Web.

... via www.digitaltrends.com

HP Sprocket Plus, stampa fotografica in stile social - FotoZona

Ai sensi e per gli effetti degli artt. 1341 e 1342 del codice civile e delle norme del d. lsg. 206/2005 ("codice del consumo"), l'Utente dichiara di aver letto attentamente e di approvare tutte le clausule presenti nel Contratto e, in particolare, gli artt. 3 (Contenuti degli utenti); 4 (Rimozione di materiali immessi, trasmessi, comunicati e/o diffusi dall'Utente); 5 (Obblighi e garanzie rese... via www.fotozona.it

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