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Do Facebook 'Likes' Mean You're Liked? - NBCNews.com

Facebook can make a birthday extra awesome. Even the most resistant lurker might be tempted to lift their comment controls just once a year to rake in the well wishes. And why not? Facebook makes it super easy to remember birthdays — and even easier for people to wish you well.

It also makes it easy to keep in touch with old friends and people you care for, but can’t see in 3D that...

via www.nbcnews.com

Korean pop-stars and WeChat shopping: behind the scenes at Moncler's new Hong Kong store - Telegraph.co.uk

he level of hysteria outside the entrance to Moncler's new flagship store on Hong Kong Canton Road is, I'd imagine, second only to the welcome accorded to Justin Bieber. Certainly, I can't remember ever screaming so loudly from excitement myself, but for these teenage girls, tonight is a very big night. They are waiting for the star-studded guest list of tonight's opening to arrive, and in... via www.telegraph.co.uk

10 ways what you share on Facebook could make you a crime target… so how many are YOU guilty of? - The Sun

Security expert Michael Fraser told The Sun Online he was shocked to see how many people tagged themselves at the airport, telling thieves how long they would be gone for.

He said: “The burglar no longer has to walk through the streets to find out when a house is empty, he can do it online.

“The normal Joe Public is not really expecting something like this to happen – they...

via www.thesun.co.uk

People can't believe how old this actress really is… so can YOU guess? - The Sun

'),r.close();var _="";_.length>0&&d&&"performance"in... via www.thesun.co.uk

Self-incriminating Facebook post lands Fairfield teen in Hoover jail - AL.com

A Fairfield teen is under arrest and police say he has no one to blame but himself.

Deveniko Sharthy Whigham, 19, posted the evidence of the alleged crime on social media, according to Hoover police. That's when officers became aware of the incident and launched their investigation.

The assault happened Thursday, Nov. 2, at a kiosk inside the Riverchase Galleria. Authorities...

via www.al.com

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