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Polaroid's real-life Instagram logo camera can also print your photos - Engadget

The first thing to say is that I'm in disbelief, purely that a product like this got past the legions of designers, managers and sense-checkers who must have been skeptical that this camera would even be made. That's not a criticism, either, because it's great to see companies experimenting with new form-factors and wacky ideas that the industry seemed to have turned its back upon. Pedants...

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The Polaroid Socialmatic Is An Android Camera And An Instant Printer Mashed Together - TechCrunch

The good old Polaroid brand isn’t dead yet — with the Polaroid Socialmatic , the concept has now become a product. It has a camera with a 14-megapixel camera, a 4.5” touchscreen LCD display that runs Android, a Zero Ink printer, and wi-fi and Bluetooth capabilities. At $299, it will be a tough sell for those who already have a smartphone in their pockets.

The two main features that...

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Instagram Socialmatic the concept camera inches closer to reality - Digitaltrends.com

Back in May when we wrote about the Instagram Socialmatic , we mentioned how the camera would definitely be popular among our photo-filter obsessed culture if it was a actual item. Now, the concept is a step closer to reality with a prototype slated to launch by the end of the year.

ADR Studio , the masters behind the design of Instagram Socialmatic, announced via its blog that it...

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Polaroid's new $299 Instagram camera goes on pre-sale - CNNMoney

And for the true Polaroid experience, the Socialmatic instantly prints two-inch by three-inch photos directly from the camera. The instant prints use a more modern technology than Polaroid's famous instant film (no shaking required). The camera can also include a 2-D "QR" barcode on the corner of the photos it prints so you can easily track them online.

Polaroid's new camera will...

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