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Obese man who weighed 33 stone has bath for first time in 20 years ... - Mirror.co.uk

A man who weighed 33 stone has been able to bath for the first time in 20 years after losing almost half his body weight.

Charles Pask, 37, was approved for weight loss surgery on the NHS but declined because his "passion for food and cooking would be taken away forever".

The 37-year-old was 33 stone and 7.5lbs and had a BMI almost three times over what it should be.


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How West Ham FC targets its Spanish-speaking fans - Digiday

Clubs outside of soccer’s elite have traditionally shied away from creating content for foreign audiences. But for West Ham FC, the arrival of Mexican Javier Hernández in the summer was a chance to specifically target the popular player’s Spanish-speaking fans who had followed him from his previous team.

The London-based team estimates it has gained around 270,000 new...

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India vs Pakistan: 'We're With You,' Indian Fans Tweet After Loss To Pakistan In Final - NDTV

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 tournament is finally over and Pakistan team has emerged the winners - they beat India by 180 runs in the final to clinch their maiden Champions Trophy crown. The match saw some incredible performances from both teams and Twitter has been at it posting about the match. Throughout the game, the Indian supporters tweeted non-stop updates and messages for their... via www.ndtv.com

9 Christmas Gifts for Your Instagram-addicted Friend - Technowize

Events are reminders to pictures! And every holiday means more time to take pictures. A fascinating aspect of images is that we can share them with a lot of people, especially on platforms like Instagram. But many of us have become really addicted to the experience, that we can’t spend an hour without checking our Instagram feeds. Any event or Instagram potential object makes the day...

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Can You Trust the Girl Scout Cookies on Amazon? - New York Magazine

The internet’s been abuzz over the fact that you can buy Samoas , Thin Mints , and Tagalongs on Amazon now. As big Amazon shoppers ourselves, we were intrigued: Was there really a way with Prime to get our cookies in two days? Without waiting for a coworker to bring in the three boxes of Trefoils we ordered from her niece? We called a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of the USA to find...

via nymag.com

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