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Nikon develops next-gen full-frame mirrorless camera - Optics.org

Camera maker Nikon has developed what it is calling a next-generation full-frame ("Nikon FX-format") mirrorless camera and Nikkor lenses featuring a new mount. The new camera is scheduled for launch on 23 August in Tokyo with the company’s US website currently displaying a digital clock counting down the seconds to lift-off.

The company says that the camera equipment under development “will...

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What Will the Nikon Mirrorless Camera Mean? | Fstoppers - Fstoppers

I put “first” in quotes, because this isn’t Nikon’s first mirrorless camera. The a7 certainly wasn’t Sony’s first mirrorless camera. But both the a7 and the Z-whatevers soon to come next week, are forays into the unknown for buyers. The original a7 was riddled with small construction issues and functionality quirks like the first a7R’s awful shutter slap. Those problems didn’t exist in...

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360‑degree cameras from GoPro, Samsung and Nikon - The Times

GoPro Fusion
With better-than-4K resolution, voice control, the ability to capture 18-megapixel stills and image stabilisation, the Fusion, which is also waterproof to a depth of 16ft, is a pro-specification camera capable of producing astonishing 360-degree footage — but that’s not going to happen straight out of the box. Be prepared for a...

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New Nikon Teaser Video Teases Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera - DivePhotoGuide.com

With less than two weeks until the formal announcement of Nikon’s new full-frame mirrorless camera ( or cameras ), we are getting a tantalizing tease of what to expect. A third teaser video—following Travel of Light and Mount —provides a close look at the body form of the camera(s).

“Body: The Evolution of Nikon Quality” is a bit over-the-top dramatic; and...

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Images of the New Nikon Z6 and Z7 Cameras and Lenses Leak - Fstoppers

The images include the two bodies, as well as the lenses being announced initially and the F-to-Z mount adapter. The lenses appear to be a 24-70mm f/4 lens, a 35mm f/1.8, and a 50mm f/1.8, with the zoom likely being a kit lens. All three lenses come with an "S" designation.

Note : the top three images below are of the Z7, while the bottom three are the Z6.


via fstoppers.com

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