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Sorry not sorry, my iPhone X means more photos of my kid - CNET

camera bw leather mono nikon philippines olympus omd mft em5 halfcase d7k gariz d7000 nikond7000 nikond7k
Photo by Daniel Y. Go on Flickr

Everyone has that photo: The first time they realized their phone's camera was more than just a toy.

For me, it came not long after the release of the original iPhone in 2007. Laura, my then-girlfriend-now-wife, and I stayed up to buy " Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows " on release day before we started off on a journey to New Jersey from DC.

We were doing the typical road...

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Nikon Shuts Factory–Compact Camera One Step Closer To Extinction - Resource Magazine

leica old slr classic film 35mm 50mm gold nikon war nazi retro german ww2 oldcamera leicacamera swastica d7000 leicaslr leicadrpernstleitzwetzlar nazieagles ironnazzieagle
Photo by mStreetPhoto on Flickr

In yet another sign of the rapid demise of the point-and-shoot camera, Nikon has announced the closing of one of its major China-based factories. Originally opened in 2002, the plant, in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province was tasked with “manufactur[ing] digital cameras and lens units for digital cameras.” However, with continually steep declines in compact camera sales year after year, Nikon is...

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Here's the camera they're raving about - Hindu Business Line

nikon f2 analogue filmcamera titan nikonf2 professionalphotography fmount nikonfmount systemcamera nikonmd2 nikonmb1 nikondp12
Photo by wolf4max on Flickr

The most popular word in the gadgets industry at the moment seems to be ‘flagship’. Every phone and gadget maker now has a flagship product. At least this leads the competition to make better products at a lower price and then claim them to be the flagship killers. But what if a company creates a product capable of killing its own flagship?

Nikon may have done just that. It is now...

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Fashionable film: Stylish Elbaflex Nikon-mount 35mm analog SLR ... - imaging resource

Photo by Du João on Flickr

If you have any old Nikon-mount film lenses you'd like to get more use out of, a new Kickstarter campaign from Ihagee may well be of interest. The German and Ukrainian camera specialists have created a new 35mm Nikon-mount analog camera, the Elbaflex.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, film isn't dead. Not only is it not dead, but in some ways, it seems to be rising in...

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iPhone X vs Nikon D850 - Camera Jabber (press release) (blog)

polaroid polaroidlandcamera polaroidlandcamera100
Photo by steve: they can't all be zingers!!! (primus) on Flickr

It probably goes without saying that the D850 puts in the better performance – no surprises there, of course.

However, I was also very impressed by what the iPhone X was capable of. If you zoom in, you can see some strange artefacts – true – but for the average person sharing their shots on a smartphone screen, the difference between the two is actually not that huge.


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