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Ikelite Releases Updated Housing for the Nikon D750 - DivePhotoGuide.com

sanfrancisco california minolta nikonsupercoolscan5000ed minoltafreedomdl supercoolscan5000
Photo by zemistor on Flickr

Ikelite has released an updated version of its housing for Nikon’s previous-generation but highly regarded D750. The three-year-old full-frame camera—which is a current model—still has a very respectable spec sheet: 24MP sensor, 1080/60p video, and 6.5fps continuous shooting.

The revamped housing boasts all the latest advancements, including Ikelite’s new “Dry Lock” port...

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SkyPixel Drone Photo Contest Still Open for Entries - DroneLife (blog)

camera st pentax digitalcamera 1855mm pentaxdl
Photo by tychay on Flickr
, DJI’s Vice President of Marketing, “With the new ‘Story’ category, we hope to provide participants more creative freedom and a chance to curate their story. The entries we’ve seen so far have exceeded our expectations and we hope they will also serve as inspirations for others who plan to take part.” , including a DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7 DL-S 16mm F2.8 ND ASPH, an iPhone X 256G, a Nikon... via dronelife.com

SkyPixel's Top Picks Of 2017 - PR Newswire - PR Newswire (press release)

sanfrancisco california minolta nikonsupercoolscan5000ed minoltafreedomdl supercoolscan5000
Photo by zemistor on Flickr
, each photo is a story in itself, providing audiences with fresh perspectives of the world we live in. These photos not only represent some of the best work submitted to the contest thus far but also capture key moments of 2017 as the year comes to an end.

The 2017 SkyPixel Photo Storytelling Contest continues to welcome entries until , DJI's Vice President of Marketing, "With the new...

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Nikon launches DL line of premium compact cameras - Engadget

sanfrancisco california minolta nikonsupercoolscan5000ed minoltafreedomdl supercoolscan5000
Photo by zemistor on Flickr

If you want a 24-85mm camera, then you'd obviously go for the DL24-85; the same goes for the 18-50 version, but there you'll find a wider angle zoom lens. The DL24-50, on the other hand, is a super zoom shooter with a 2.3-million-dot electronic viewfinder and a 3.5mm microphone jack, both features missing from the other aforementioned DL models. When the DL24-85 and DL18-50 hit shelves in...

via www.engadget.com

Nikon's New DL Cameras Are All the Point-And-Shoot You'll Ever Need - Gizmodo

sanfrancisco california minolta nikonsupercoolscan5000ed minoltafreedomdl supercoolscan5000
Photo by zemistor on Flickr

The DLs all sport 20-megapixel 1-inch sensors, the same as in Nikon’s existing mirrorless cameras. It’s smaller than the Micro Four-Thirds and APS-C sensors commonly found in mirrorless cameras and cheaper DSLRs, but big enough to blow smartphone sensors out of the water. Sensor size is one of those specs that matter: bigger sensors mean more light, which makes for better detail, superior...

via gizmodo.com

Latest News

  • PR Newswire (press release)

    Slave-driver Your Perspective With Optical Excellence: Nikon Adds Two Pro-Grade FX-Format Lenses To Celebrated ...

    PR Newswire (press release) - 10/19/16

    Nikon Inc. distributes consumer and thorough digital SLR cameras, NIKKOR optics, Speedlights and system accessories; the Nikon DL series of premium compacts and COOLPIX® compact digital cameras; 35mm film SLR cameras; Nikon software 

  • PC Magazine PC Magazine

    Nikon Enters Scant Compact Camera Market

    PC Magazine - 02/23/16

    Nikon isn't burdening its sparse lineup with the somewhat uncool Coolpix designation. Instead it's opting for the more understated DL designation. It's releasing three models at launch, each hitting its own place. There's some shared tech between 

  • Ubergizmo Ubergizmo

    Nikon DL Shipments Rumored To Have Been Delayed To Sep/Oct

    Ubergizmo - 05/30/16

    dl-18-50-fa34r-1 Early this year Nikon announced their new lineup of compact cameras that falls under its DL family. The cameras were originally pegged for a release in March, but it seems that they still have yet to be released, and now a report

  • LetsGoDigital LetsGoDigital

    Nikon DL cameras

    LetsGoDigital - 03/02/16

    Every Nikon DL dividend compact also employs Nikon's acclaimed Advanced Hybrid AF system for blazingly fast subject acquisition. An EXPEED 6A processor with no less than four CPUs is the appliance behind each camera's astonishing shooting speeds: up 

  • imaging resource imaging resource

    Earthquakes, complicated issues delay Nikon products: no release date known for new DL-series cameras

    imaging resource - 04/20/16

    The modern devastating Kumamoto earthquakes have had far-reaching effects on various industries, including the photo industry. In addition to temporarily closing a pair of Sony reification sensor plants, the earthquakes have now affected Nikon's release


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