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Nikon kills its DL line of 4K compacts without selling a single one - The Verge

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Nikon DL cameras release date still unknown - Camera Jabber (press release) (blog)

Nikon has told us it still does not have a release date for its Nikon DL line of premium compact cameras announced last year.

B&H Photos recently listed the Nikon DL cameras as launching in January 2017 on their product pages, according to a report by Nikon Rumors , but this date has now been removed.

Instead, B&H now lists the Nikon DL cameras’ release date as...

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Nikon's New DL Cameras Are All the Point-And-Shoot You'll Ever Need - Gizmodo

The DLs all sport 20-megapixel 1-inch sensors, the same as in Nikon’s existing mirrorless cameras. It’s smaller than the Micro Four-Thirds and APS-C sensors commonly found in mirrorless cameras and cheaper DSLRs, but big enough to blow smartphone sensors out of the water. Sensor size is one of those specs that matter: bigger sensors mean more light, which makes for better detail, superior...

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A high-end Nikon compact is still a possibility - TechRadar

Back in February 2017 Nikon cancelled its planned trio of premium compact DL cameras . Having announced the range at the Consumer Electronics Show the year before, Nikon decided to pull the plug before the cameras hit dealers' shelves, due to continued production delays and profitability concerns.

The news disappointed many, as Nikon had taken a slightly different approach to the...

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Nikon prepping two full-frame mirrorless cameras for summer debut - TechSpot

Why it matters: Nikon is a household name when discussing matters of photography but the company hasn't made much of a splash in the mirrorless interchangeable lens category. Two products rumored to be on the horizon, however, could change that.

Nikon is reportedly preparing to introduce a duo of mirrorless cameras that’ll compete against established competition...

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