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Samsung Galaxy S9 teardown helps explain its camera tricks - Engadget

galaxy samsunggalaxycamera galaxycamera
Photo by Janitors on Flickr

Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9+ revolve around their camera features, but some of the hardware functionality behind them has been a little mysterious. The picture is a little clearer, however, as iFixit has torn down the S9+ and provided a better look at the phone's camera tech. To start, the signature variable aperture camera is possible thanks to a simple design -- where typical dedicated...

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Camera Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Google Pixel 2 - TechRadar

galaxy samsunggalaxycamera galaxycamera
Photo by Janitors on Flickr

Things got more interesting when DXoMark rated the Galaxy S9 over the Pixel 2 with a combined (still and video) score of 99. When this happened, we were eager to test it ourselves and find out if it is true.

What's in the camera?

Samsung brings two 12MP sensors to the game this time, where the secondary lens provides optical zoom and blurring effects. The primary camera this...

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Samsung Smartphone Costs Rise on New Camera: TechInsights - Bloomberg

galaxy samsunggalaxycamera galaxycamera
Photo by Janitors on Flickr

The other key phone technology battleground is the display, although here costs declined. The most expensive component inside the S9+ is the 6.2-inch OLED screen, which comes in at $72.50. That’s cheaper than the similarly sized screens in the Note 8 and S8+, which cost $82 and $78.50, according to the analysis. This is followed by the main phone processor coming in at $68 and memory...

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iPhone X vs. Galaxy S9+: Which Smartphone Has a Better Camera? - Mac Rumors

camera review samsung samsungnx10
Photo by liewcf on Flickr
Over the course of this week, we've been taking a look at Samsung's new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+, as these two devices are the iPhone X's biggest competition.

In our latest video, available on the MacRumors YouTube channel , we compared the Samsung Galaxy S9+'s dual-lens camera with variable aperture to the vertical dual-lens camera in the... via www.macrumors.com

Samsung's Galaxy S9+: Once Again, The Hardware Is The Highlight - Fast Company

camera review samsung samsungnx10
Photo by liewcf on Flickr

Both Samsung and Apple wanted to provide an immersive, all-screen experience in a size that wasn’t unwieldy in the hand. Samsung did that by making its phones tall and skinny, with screens that curved right off the left and right edges but kept some bezel on the top and bottom. Apple, meanwhile, didn’t go for the Galaxy phones’ statuesque aspect ratio or edge-to-edge sides, and crammed the...

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