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Samsung's New Tech Could Make Selfie Cameras Invisible - ValueWalk

galaxy samsunggalaxycamera galaxycamera
Photo by Janitors on Flickr

The selfie camera in a smartphone is one of the most essential features today. To include a decent front camera with a higher screen-to-body ratio, phone makers have had no other option but to use a notch or a pop-out module. However, it seems Samsung is working on a third never-before-seen option: an under-display selfie camera .

Is there a need for an under-display selfie...

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Samsung's latest smartphone has more cameras than any premium phone from Apple, Google, or LG — but that doesn ... - Business Insider

galaxy samsunggalaxycamera galaxycamera
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premium smartphones have. The third lens is an ultra-wide angle lens that captures a much wider field of view, which not many other smartphones have.

The Galaxy A9 has all those lenses, which is a great thing. But the fourth lens is a dedicated "depth" camera designed to give you the adjustable background blur. The only problem is, the LG V40 can already do that with its triple rear cameras....

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Samsung Announces Galaxy A9 With 4 Rear Cameras - ExtremeTech

galaxy samsunggalaxycamera galaxycamera
Photo by Janitors on Flickr
Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series phones get most of the attention, but in many parts of the world, it’s the A-series phones that people choose to buy. These phones cost a little less but still offer many of the same features as the high-end versions. In this case, the new Galaxy A9 is a little ahead of the curve. As everyone seems dead-set on increasing the number of cameras... via www.extremetech.com

Cam Compare: Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Note 9 daytime shootout [Video] - 9to5Google

camera review samsung samsungnx10
Photo by liewcf on Flickr

Some precursors to the test: both cameras were used in the most basic point-and-shoot modes. Firstly, this meant that the test would be convenient and it represents the average user scenario for realistic real-world use-case. I know for a fact that I would never delve into ‘Pro mode’ settings on my camera if I were taking a quick snap of friends, scenery or something that will ultimately...

via 9to5google.com

Google thinks the Pixel 3's 1 rear camera will beat Samsung's 4 - CNET

camera review samsung samsungnx10
Photo by liewcf on Flickr

The Pixel 3 's lone rear camera makes a brazen statement to any phone with two rear cameras or more: "Google's single lens is better than all your fancy cameras combined."

Those are fighting words in a landscape where a dual-camera setup is now so coveted, even budget phones like the Moto G6 have two lenses for portrait photos. With the Pixel 3 and has a jaw-dropping four cameras on...

via www.cnet.com

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