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Pixel 3 XL Camera Samples Reveal Google's Disappointing Decision - Forbes

Murtazin’s sample images show the difference between the two phones is huge at maximum zoom. Unless Google has something really big to pull out of the bag at the last minute, the Pixel 3 XL is going to be at a serious disadvantage here. That’s seriously disappointing as I have no doubt that Google could easily dethrone the P20 Pro if it chose to build a multi-lens camera. I’d like to think... via www.forbes.com

AI camera shootout: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Huawei Mate 10 Pro and LG G7 - PCWorld

One of the most surprising things about the Galaxy Note 9 is the upgrade to its camera—not for what it brings, but what it doesn’t bring. While last year’s phone brought dual cameras with optical image stabilization for the first time, and the Galaxy S9 gave us Dual Aperture, the Note 9 has no such differentiating features. In fact, it has the exact same dual camera array as the Galaxy...

via www.pcworld.com

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review: The best never felt so bland - PCWorld

A predictably great display

The most interesting thing about the Note 9’s design is its color options. In the U.S., you can only buy it in blue or purple, choices that will more than likely split along gender lines. Otherwise, if you’ve held a Galaxy Note 8, you already know how the Note 9 feels. It’s taller and boxier than the Galaxy S9+ and a bit heavier as well. The Note 9...

via www.pcworld.com

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: amazing battery life, best Android camera and finally a speedy user experience – review - South China Morning Post

The exploding battery fiasco practically killed the Galaxy Note 7 release in 2016, but Samsung has put that firmly behind them.

The company has given its latest flagship, the Note 9, a 4,000mAh battery, which is 700mAh larger than last year’s Note 8 and 500mAh larger than the company’s latest S Plus counterpart, the S9 Plus. More important, however, is that it is the battery with...

via www.scmp.com

Google Pixel 2 XL crushes Galaxy Note 9 in night-time blind camera test - Phone Arena

Superior sensor, superior lens, on sensor DRAM, better SoC for better ISP and yet the Note 9 loses due to s**tty software. It can't get more embarrassing than this.

Not to mention that even the 2 year old OG pixel already has android Pie and the note doesn't, and won't get till maybe March. The Note is the pinnacle of hardware evolution, and the example of how bad the... via www.phonearena.com

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