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Samsung releases four new Galaxy S9 teaser videos focusing on its 'reimagined' camera - Android Police

Samsung certainly wants us to believe the hype, and this has been further illustrated by four new teasers videos that have emerged, all of which highlight the capabilities of the new camera system on the S9. The larger sibling, the S9+, will have dual cameras on the rear this time around, so we can't be sure whether the videos apply to one or both of the different variants. Three of these...

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Samsung Releases Galaxy S9 Video Teasers To Flaunt Camera Capabilities - ValueWalk

The much-awaited unveiling of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is only a few days away. As the February 25 Unpacked event inches closer, Samsung has started teasing its upcoming smartphones to stir up excitement. The company has released three Galaxy S9 video teasers to flaunt different aspects of the upcoming flagship’s camera. Though Samsung doesn’t explicitly mention the Galaxy S9, the large...

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Samsung's ISOCELL Dual Software Solution Enables Dual Camera Features in a Wider Range of Smartphones - Samsung Newsroom

New software solution for ISOCELL Dual image sensors supports refocusing and low light shooting in hardware-constrained mid- to entry-level smartphones

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, today introduced a total dual camera solution with ISOCELL Dual image sensors and proprietary software for two popular features – refocusing (bokeh) and...

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We've just been teased the Huawei P20 camera - TechRadar

We're pretty certain the Huawei P20 won't be launching until March 27 when the company is hosting an event in Paris, and today we've been delivered some teasers for the upcoming phone.

Or at least, that's what we think it is. Today some postcards with photographs on, stats of what people want to have improved on their phone cameras and the Huawei logo have arrived at TechRadar...

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus dual cameras detailed in latest leaks - Engadget

The WinFuture scoop also outlines the capabilities of those cameras. Much like the W2018 , the rear camera on the S9 (or main rear camera on the S9 Plus) should have the option to switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4 apertures depending on the shot you're aiming for. You could pick f/1.5 for low light or macro shots, or switch to f/2.4 when you want more of the scene in focus. The S9...

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