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Android phones in 2018: Portrait pics on a single camera lens - CNET

The smartphone trend of two rear cameras for artistic portrait shots is so pervasive that even dirt-cheap budget phones sport dual lenses on the back. That could change next as early as next year as new chip technology from Qualcomm makes it possible to take a Bokeh portrait photo from a single camera lens.

It's similar to the Google Pixel 2 , which bucks the dual-camera standard now...

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro camera: Enhancing auto mode through artificial intelligence - ZDNet

Huawei Mate 10 Pro camera: Enhancing auto mode through artificial intelligence

Smartphone cameras have improved significantly over the last couple of years, but the majority of people still use auto mode and just like to point and shoot. Many phones have manual mode for highly customizable shots, but Huawei is attempting to combine the best of both convenience and power with...

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The Best Smartphone for Everyone - Gizmodo

You did it. You waited out all the announcements back in the spring during Mobile World Congress and the deluge of new handsets that debuted this fall. But now, after upstarts such as Essential have had a chance to shine and giants like Apple and Samsung are done plying their latest wares, there’s a big question worth asking: What’s the best phone out right now?

Ok, hold up for...

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Galaxy A8 (2018) might have Samsung's first dual front cameras - SlashGear

Despite its prowess in mobile photography, Samsung hasn’t been quick to jump on the dual camera bandwagon. It was only with the Galaxy Note 8 that it really puts is weight on the matter, with relatively positive results. It still hasn’t gone dual on the front, which, admittedly, few of the big OEMs have. But that could be changing with the 2018 Galaxy A8 and A8+, a.k.a. this year’s Galaxy...

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This was meant to be the year of the Apple “supercycle,” but Samsung's phones were better - Quartz

Here’s a quick rundown of what made the Note 8 stand out where the iPhone X didn’t:

It still has a “home button” (even though there’s no physical button). The Note 8 has a massive screen that takes up most of the front of the phone, like the iPhone X, but Samsung still kept an on-screen home button that’s in the same place the home button has been on all its...

via qz.com

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