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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review: It's Boring, But That's Okay - Forbes

It's hard to look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from the perspective of a phone geek in Hong Kong and not think, "that's it?"

The big claims to fame for this year's Note 9 -- features that American tech writers have been gushing about -- include a large 4,000 mAh battery, up to 8GB of RAM, and camera software that can recognize objects and...

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13 tips and tricks for the Note 9's camera - CNET

now, the camera on the Note 9 is worth taking some time to get an idea of just what it can and can't do. Hint: It can do a lot.

From taking long slow-motion videos, to fancy effects for photos that use both the rear cameras, there are tons of features you should know about to get the most out of the camera. Below are 13 of those tips, just for you.

The Note 9 can analyze photos as you...

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5 reasons to wait for the Galaxy S10 instead of getting a Note 9 - BGR

It’s not often that we make the recommendation to readers that they take a pass on buying our favorite new smartphone. And make no mistake about it, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is by far our favorite new smartphone. In fact, it will probably be our favorite Android phone of 2018 when all is said and done, because nothing set to be released in the coming months looks better. Yes, that includes...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 camera: Notable improvements but a close run battle [Video] - 9to5Google

The Note 8 proved to be great return to form for one of Samsung’s best-loved productivity-focused lines. Yes, it was let down in a few areas — battery life being the main sore point — but the camera was most definitely not one of those. Is a camera improvement alone enough to justify an upgrade? Probably not, but if it were, is the camera exponentially better on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs...

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Samsung Galaxy X to have FOUR rear cameras and launch in 2018 - T3

Now, despite the brevity of these Tweets, if you put them all together they actually deliver a clear picture of what is being alluded to.

Firstly, the new Samsung phone being hinted at here is "not [the] S10 or Galaxy F ", which are rumoured to be the South Korean maker's much-wanted upcoming flagship and folding phones, which are predicted to be landing in early 2019.


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