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Longmont police ask businesses, homeowners for info to create security camera list - The Denver Post

When Tom the Turkey — a blow-up lawn decoration — was plucked by a thief from a front yard in Longmont, the homeowners shared with police the surveillance footage of the Thanksgiving heist.

Police frequently use surveillance videos as investigative tools to identify suspects and corroborate information, but now, Longmont police want to keep a list of businesses and homes with exterior...

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WyzeCam review: $20 home security camera is a real steal - TechHive

Could a $20 home security camera actually be any good? That was the question on our mind when we were pitched the WyzeCam, the first offering from a cabal of ex-Amazon employees trading under the name Wyze Labs. Turns out the answer is, yeah, it can be very good.

WyzeCam defies everything we know about Wi-Fi security cameras. Not only does it cost a fraction of most of its popular...

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Security cameras going up - Northside Sun

Belhaven promises to be safer, with new security cameras expected to go up in the neighborhood by Christmas.

New security cameras are being installed at the entrances of Peachtree Street at Riverside Drive and Greymont Avenue at Fortification Street.

Two more cameras are being installed at Laurel Street Park, as is an emergency call button that will link directly to Jackson...

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Library looks to add security cameras for protection - Biddeford Journal Tribune

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Northampton City Council reaffirms ordinance legally limiting ... - MassLive.com

NORTHAMPTON - The Northampton City Council reaffirmed its support for an ordinance Thursday night that will place a legal and enforceable limit on the installation of municipally operated surveillance equipment in the city's downtown business district.

The ordinance was introduced in September after the Northampton Police Department proposed installing new security cameras at...

via www.masslive.com

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