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Somfy enters U.S. market with new outdoor security camera at CES ... - Digital Trends

Do you worry about home security when you’re not around? You can rest a little easier with an electronic pair of eyes that keeps tabs on things at all times.

Somfy Systems, Inc. makes its U.S. entry into smart home security with the Somfy Outdoor Camera, which will be showcased at CES 2018 this week. The system was awarded with the CES Innovation Award 2018.

To prevent an...

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Army base pulls Chinese security cameras over 'negative perception' - Engadget

There had been concerns about security holes in some cameras' firmware, but Hikvision made patches available within a week of learning of the flaws. It has routinely promised that its cameras are secure, and that its state-owned shareholder doesn't have a say over its daily affairs. It hasn't been formally accused of spying.

Not this will reassure everyone. The House Committee on...

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Security cameras, fencing among new medical marijuana regulations in Center Line - The Macomb Daily

The city law, approved unanimously by the new City Council last month in one of their major policy moves following the November election, will allow for 15 growers five each within Class A (500 plants), Class B (1,000 plants) and Class C (1,500 plants). The city also may issue licenses to as many as 15 processors and the identical number to secure transporters, provisioning centers...

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This home security camera looks away when you come home - The Verge

I find it hard to get on board with the idea of filling my home with smart security cameras for a number of reasons, not the least of which is privacy. But there’s one smart camera at CES this year that has a clever solution to the whole spying-on-you problem: just have the camera look away.

The smart camera Angee — which was crowdfunded in 2015 and is now shipping to backers — is...

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Security cameras to be installed at Dunbar fire stations - WSAZ-TV

Security cameras are going to be installed at the two fire stations in Dunbar.

The decision was made during a City Council meeting on Tuesday.

Mayor Bill Cunningham says the stations have had problems with people entering the buildings illegally.

City officials are hoping this will allow fire crews to keep a closer eye on equipment.

The cameras are expected to be...

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