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AG: Canteen funds shouldn't be used to buy security cameras ... - San Francisco Chronicle

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky's attorney general says jail canteen funds should not be used to purchase security cameras in jails.

The AG's opinion Monday responded to a question from LaRue County Attorney Kyle Williamson. He asked whether state law governing expenditure of jail canteen funds allows for the purchase of cameras for the safety and protection of inmates.


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Researchers disclose 7 flaws in 390 Axis IP cameras, remote attacker could take control - CSO Online

The researchers added that they do not believe the vulnerabilities affecting 390 Axis products have been exploited in the wild yet. However, with the technical deep-dive writeup and proof-of-concept demonstrations being out there now, failing to immediately patch your Axis camera could lead to remote attackers taking control of them.

In the FAQ section, Peles advised checking your...

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Lockport School District receives backlash for latest security measure - WKBW-TV

LOCKPORT, N.Y.(WKBW) - The New York Civil Liberties Union wants New York State Education Department to block Lockport School District from installing new facial recognition camera technology in all of its schools.

Last month Superintendent Michelle Bradley told 7 Eyewitness News that the district is installing 300 new security cameras loaded with the new high tech software. The...

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Police show how to properly use surveillance cameras - WSMV Nashville

Lots of people have surveillance cameras these days. The question is do they know how to use them?

"If you put up cameras, that's great, but if you don't angle it right, it’s virtually useless because you're not getting anything. Done correctly, they're priceless," said Metro Police Sgt. Steve Linn.

Linn has been doing home security site surveys for years.

He said...

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More Security Cameras Installed On Erie's Bayfront, Thanks to Gr ... - erienewsnow.com

Several businesses have joined in the efforts to help make downtown Erie safer and more secure.

Wednesday, The Erie Downtown Partnership announced five more businesses will benefit from the external security camera grant program.

The program provides grants for businesses to install outdoor security cameras.

This year, several cameras have gone up around...

via www.erienewsnow.com

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