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Canary's security cameras will soon detect people - Engadget - Engadget

While Canary's security cameras can notify you when they detect something moving in your home, they can't differentiate between an intruder and your pet Fluffy doing zoomies. Once their new feature rolls out, though, you won't have to get 20 notifications in an hour if you don't want to. The company has announced that it's rolling out Person Detection to all Canary and Canary Flex cameras...

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Ella brings smart searching to home security cameras - TechHive

Her name is Ella and she promises to bring smart searching to your home security cameras. Ella is an AI-powered search engine, developed by IC Realtime, that augments residential and commercial surveillance systems with natural language search capabilities.

The average continuously recording security camera captures less than two minutes of noteworthy footage in a 24-hour period, IC...

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More security cameras approved for Jackson Street garage - The Republic

COLUMBUS, Ind. — The city plans to upgrade its security cameras in the Jackson Street parking garage starting this spring in an effort to deal with loitering.

The Columbus Redevelopment Commission approved Monday a quote from Staublin Technology Service Inc., based in Columbus, not to exceed $25,181 to replace 12 existing cameras and add 24 cameras in the garage to help improve...

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Sheriff's department creates security camera database - WECT-TV6

It’s a new database designed to house names of businesses with security cameras for the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

Just because a store’s name is on the list doesn’t mean detectives have free reign over the stores’ cameras, the sheriff’s office said. It simply makes it easier for detectives to know where security cameras are if a crime happens.

“Think of the database...

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Ooma acquires AI-powered video camera platform Butterfleye for its home security service - TechCrunch

Ooma , the company that’s probably still best known for its VoIP platform, today announced that it has acquired Butterfleye , an AI-powered video camera and security platform that produces a smart security camera for home and business use. Ooma plans to integrate Butterfleye’s camera into its Ooma Home security solution, but the company will also continue to sell the camera under its...

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