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Mahoning purchases new security cameras - Sunbury Daily Item

Supervisor Chairman Bill Lynn said the new system would incorporate some of the current surveillance equipment. Lynn said the new system includes cameras for all around the building.

Township officials also plan to have bigger water pumps installed to solve water pressure problems in the Edgewood development, Supervisor T.S. Scott said.

Workers will do some preliminary wiring...

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Swann – Indoor and Outdoor Wire-Free Smart Security Cameras | NewsWatch Review - NewsWatch

If you own or rent a home and want to have peace of mind while also protecting your loved ones, you need to invest in a home security system. And our recommendation is Swann’s latest the indoor and outdoor security cameras.

These cameras are easy to install, they connect to power outlets and they transmit video and audio wirelessly – using Wi-Fi – both indoors and outdoors. There’s...

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Encinitas security cameras catch elderly woman stealing packages - 10News

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - An Encinitas family on vacation woke up to a disturbing alert last week, video of someone stealing multiple packages from their porch.

Homeowner Mark Sandorf says the most peculiar thing was who the thief was.

"It’s different in that she looks like she’s probably someone’s grandma," said Sandorf.

The family immediately filed a police report from New...

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Best home security cameras: Nest, Wyze, and more - Mashable - Mashable

We all want homes that are safe and secure. Yet, according to the real estate listings we definitely skimmed, fortress inventory is at an all-time low. Additionally, the landscape architect we totally interviewed informed us that moats haven’t been en vogue since the Middle Ages. Fortunately, we remembered that we live in the 21st century and have access to some remarkable...

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Arlo's AI-infused security cameras can recognize cars, pets, and packages - Digital Trends

Most internet-connected cameras are branded as “smart,” but how smart are they really? Anyone who has ever received a false alarm notification triggered by a rogue squirrel might tell you, those cameras aren’t as smart as they seem. Arlo is trying to solve that problem by infusing its line of security cameras with artificial intelligence that gives them the ability to identify specific...

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