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The Lighthouse security camera uses AI to recognize your family and your pets - Popular Science

Security cameras have come a long way from the dumb, unblinking eyes that looked out over our homes just a few years ago. Now, AI tech is increasingly important for things like face and behavior recognition so your camera can alert you when something is up without bombarding you with unnecessary alerts. Lighthouse isn’t a big name like Ring or Amazon, but its stand-alone security camera has...

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This Home Security Camera Has An Impressive 365-Day Battery Life - Gear Patrol

Anker is leveraging its knowledge of portable power with the launch of the Eufy EverCam , its first smart home security camera. Eufy is Anker’s new smart home brand, and the EverCam is unique because it has a built-in 13,400mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, giving each camera a 365-day battery life. That’s right. Unlike most other smart home security cameras, made by Amazon, Nest and...

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Thanks to AI, These Cameras Will Know What They're Seeing - WIRED

one big photo shoot. The glassy eyes of closed-circuit TV cameras watch over streets and stores, while smartphone owners continually surveil themselves and others. Tech companies like Google and Amazon have convinced people to invite ever-watching lenses into their homes via smart speakers and internet-connected security cameras .

Now a new breed of chips tuned for artificial intelligence is...

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EverCam is a wire-free security cam with a battery that lasts a year - Digital Trends

Nowadays, installing a home security system is so easy and affordable that more and more people are setting up cameras inside and around their homes. Wireless security cameras are convenient because you don’t have to deal with pesky wires, and while wired security cameras rely on your home’s electricity to stay on, wireless cameras function with a battery, so they’ll continue operating even...

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Boulder Valley school board discusses installing security cameras - The Denver Post

The Boulder Valley school board is moving closer to installing interior security cameras at its high schools, with members generally agreeing to a new policy at a Tuesday work session.

Parents and high school principals have lobbied the board to revise a long-standing policy prohibiting security cameras inside schools.

The policy change would allow the district to move...

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