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Nikon Z7 Review: A Worthy Mirrorless Contender, But Not a Sony Killer - Gizmodo

For those of you who don’t sprechen sie camera-nerd , when we say “full-frame” we’re talking about the size of the image sensor on a digital camera. Full-frame means it most closely resembles the size of 35mm film. Remember film? Ha! That was a test. Now the kids know you’re old. Anyway, pro photographers tend to opt for full-frame cameras because they let a lot of light in, and...

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Sony Alpha A7000 Rumours: Everything we know so far - TrustedReviews

This now looks less likely. The sensor is listed for industrial use, not in a consumer camera, on Sony’s image sensor business website. Its IMX571 is the newest mirrorless camera-ready sensor detailed, believed to be the that used by the FujiFilm X-T3.

The A7000 may use the same core sensor. Or perhaps Sony has something as-yet unannounced to show us.


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Can a Sony a7S II Compete Against Military-Grade Night Vision? - Fstoppers

I film through both the A7s with a f/0.95 lens, and the same L3 WP intensifier tube he also has in his pvs-14. Feel free to ask any questions.

I think the major difference when using actual night vision, is that people recognize it as such, and understand that it's at night. with the a7s, people get confused since it's in color, and just assume it's day, or dusk footage. It is...

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We could see a 'baby' Sony Alpha A9 before Christmas - TechRadar

Rumors are building that we'll see a new flagship APS-C mirrorless camera from Sony, and it could be announced before Christmas.

We reported a couple of weeks ago that we could see a replacement to the Alpha A6500 , but SonyAlphaRumors.com has information that the new camera could in fact sit above the Alpha A6500 in the range.

The new camera would be the start of a new line...

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Chances are these Sony sensors are in your new camera - TechRadar

With the exception of Canon, Sony pretty much has a monopoly on the production of camera sensors (in fact, imaging sensors in general), manufacturing sensors not only for its own range of cameras, but also for rival brands. We were lucky enough to visit Sony's huge Kumanoto sensor factory , where four million sensors a day are manufactured, last year.

Now Sony has updated its...

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