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Ride-hailing fees to bankroll $180M in CTA improvements - Chicago Sun-Times

Photo by cogdogblog on Flickr

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to raise ride-hailing fees by 15 cents per ride next year, and another nickel in 2019, will bankroll $180 million in capital improvements to speed commuting times and bolster security, a top mayoral aide said Thursday.

CTA President Dorval Carter Jr. beat the drum for Emanuel’s controversial plan to collect another $16 million from Uber, Lyft and Via and...

via chicago.suntimes.com

Casio's rugged action camera looks like a G-Shock with a lens - The ... - The Verge

camera 2013365
Photo by cogdogblog on Flickr

In the latest case of a product to be filed under “of course this exists,” Casio has announced a rugged action camera heavily influenced by its iconic G-Shock brand. Though the G'z Eye GZE-1 takes its name from Casio's line of sturdy smartphones , its design comes straight from the company's tough watches.

The GZE-1 isn't the most capable action camera in the world — it shoots 1080p...

via www.theverge.com

Excellent 360-degree cameras are here, but do you need one? - Quartz

selfportrait reflection self mirror accident injury tough blackeye shiner bruised mirrorportrait selfwithcamera
Photo by malloreigh on Flickr

There was a time, in the mid-1980s, when busting out a massive camcorder to record life’s more precious moments, was a big deal. The machines were expensive, heavy, and tough to operate. Mercifully, the cameras got smaller, then the advent of the smartphone allowed anyone to record and share videos at any time, wherever they were. Now most consumers wouldn’t consider buying a separate video...

via qz.com

3D Cameras Are IP65/67 Tough Guys - Sensors Online

tg2 epl2 mzuiko45mm18 fcont01
Photo by dstrelau on Flickr
Designed for use under harsh ambient conditions, the X30 FA and X36 FA 3D industrial cameras meet the requirements of IP65/67 protection classes. They combine a projection module with a Gigabit Ethernet switch and two GigE uEye FA cameras with a 1.3-Megapixel CMOS sensor that can be mounted at different distances. In addition to the baseline, the vergence angle and focal distance... via www.sensorsmag.com

Trump should ditch the Thanksgiving turkey pardon and carve 'em up! - Yahoo News

blue ford car truck toy 4x4 bokeh pickuptruck 4wheeler 365 day10 carmodel bokehlicious 365project miniturecar bokehwhores
Photo by adley.haywood on Flickr

President Donald Trump was elected to shake up Washington, change a pattern of arrogant and wasteful government, and simply "drain the swamp."And that's why instead of following years of silly presidential tradition, President Trump should decide not to pardon the Thanksgiving turkeys Tuesday.

Don't be fooled into thinking the annual pardoning exercise is just an amusing and harmless...

via finance.yahoo.com

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