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Pima County has volunteers serving in tough jobs - Green Valley News

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Best Compact Cameras in 2018 - Camera Jabber (press release) (blog)

camera 2013365
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I have to confess that I’m disappointed that the 3-inch 1,240,000-dot screen doesn’t tilt, but it has fully integrated touch-control. There’s also a 2,764,000-dot electronic viewfinder, so you get a good view of the scene in bright sunlight.

Like the Leica Q, the LX100 II has traditional controls so you can change aperture with the lens ring and adjust shutter speed and exposure...

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GoPro's Cameras Are Selling Again, but the Stock's Volatile Run Continues - Barron's

selfportrait reflection self mirror accident injury tough blackeye shiner bruised mirrorportrait selfwithcamera
Photo by malloreigh on Flickr
(GPRO) latest cameras had been available for a few days, the company announced “the highest week-one retail unit sell-thru of any new camera in the company’s history.”

That seemed to suggest a long-awaited turnaround for the company’s business was finally on track. GoPro has recently said its latest camera launches would return the company to profitability .

But the announcement was...

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ESPN's Ryan Clark Suffers Gruesome Head Injury Running Into Camera During Break - 12up

tg2 epl2 mzuiko45mm18 fcont01
Photo by dstrelau on Flickr
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Odyssey Workshops aim to give veterans a voice through the camera eye - WBFO

blue ford car truck toy 4x4 bokeh pickuptruck 4wheeler 365 day10 carmodel bokehlicious 365project miniturecar bokehwhores
Photo by adley.haywood on Flickr

A Buffalo-based contemporary visual arts center will begin hosting a program in January that connects combat veterans to cameras, in an effort to help them express experiences and feelings they may be struggling to put into words as they transition from military life to the civilian world. Helping CEPA Gallery with the Odyssey Workshops will be a combat veteran whose own experiences are...

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