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Long Beach leaders get tough on 'nuisance motels' that have spurred thousands of police calls - Long Beach Press Telegram

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Long Beach’s low-budget motels have for years been a haven for illegal activity—from human trafficking to drug deals—and residents and city leaders are fed up.

Last spring, a woman in North Long Beach was murdered in one such establishment on Long Beach Boulevard, the Luxury Inn, launching an hours-long manhunt for her killer.

Vice Mayor Rex Richardson remembers that day...

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Olympus Tough TG-5 -- rugged camera phone - South Bend Tribune

camera 2013365
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Q. I want to buy a rugged stills camera that can take the shock of a fall when skiing. I’ve been taking my old iPhone 6 Plus with me as I consider it somewhat expendable, but still feel like I am courting disaster and want to get something dedicated to the task. I also imagine such a camera would be easier to operate with gloves on. Price is unimportant, I will be keeping it a long...

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Trump faces tough odds in pressing Congress and the NRA on guns - CNN

selfportrait reflection self mirror accident injury tough blackeye shiner bruised mirrorportrait selfwithcamera
Photo by malloreigh on Flickr
Fueled by the belief he can succeed where his predecessors could not, Trump has told his advisers in recent days that he's willing to break with the powerful gun lobby if it means he can claim progress on an issue that enjoys widespread national support, according to people familiar with the conversations. He's heard from friends that he could be the President to make lasting change, even as... via www.cnn.com

Samsung's Galaxy S9 And S9+ Are Super Cameras (And, Oh, Yeah, Phones) - Fast Company

tg2 epl2 mzuiko45mm18 fcont01
Photo by dstrelau on Flickr

In 2012, Samsung announced a device called the Galaxy Camera . Though it looked like a garden-variety point-and-shoot camera with a big zoom lens, it ran the Android operating system and had built-in cellular connectivity, letting you use apps and share photos and videos from anywhere, just like you can do with a smartphone. Its slogan: “Camera. Reborn.”

The Galaxy Camera never...

via www.fastcompany.com

Yi 4K+ action camera review: Powerful, and so simple to use - Android Central

blue ford car truck toy 4x4 bokeh pickuptruck 4wheeler 365 day10 carmodel bokehlicious 365project miniturecar bokehwhores
Photo by adley.haywood on Flickr

As smartphone cameras continue to improve, for many the need to carry a dedicated camera continues to disappear. But there are times you want something that isn't your phone.

Action cameras aren't what you take out with you to take high-quality landscape photos, or to cover a wedding. But they're really good if you're into mountain biking, or skydiving, or any number of other...

via www.androidcentral.com

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