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Lenovo has three new rugged Chromebooks for the education market - Android Central

These new Chromebooks are built tough and ready for school with support for Google Classroom and G Suite for Education.

Lenovo had some great stuff to talk about at the BETT show in London. Affordable Windows 10 laptops for students made their debut, but what we're most interested in are the three new Chromebooks designed for the educational market. Lenovo didn't disappoint, and the...

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Artificial intelligence is going to supercharge surveillance - The Verge

We usually think of surveillance cameras as digital eyes, watching over us or watching out for us, depending on your view. But really, they’re more like portholes: useful only when someone is looking through them. Sometimes that means a human watching live footage, usually from multiple video feeds. Most surveillance cameras are passive, however. They’re there as a deterrence, or to provide...

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This Year's Under the Radar Festival Posed Tough Questions About Relationships - Village Voice

Under the Radar, the Public Theater’s annual festival of new work, turned the ripe old age of fourteen this year. If the name has become less literal, given its lineup of major American and international artists, it is still the place to spend one helter-skelter day at the theater: seeing your favorite company’s latest, or checking out adventurous imports from abroad. The main program is...

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CAT S41 review: Built to survive tough environments with a battery that last for days - ZDNet

A few years ago I spent some time with the Cat S40 rugged smartphone . While at CES in January, I had a chance to see the latest model, Cat S41 , and spent the last couple of weeks testing it out with my T-Mobile SIM.

When I head out into the field for work, I make sure to wrap my glass sandwich smartphone in some kind of case and those cases protect it well. However, Cat's line of...

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What Cameras on Polar Bears Show Us: It's Tough Out There - New York Times

You wouldn’t necessarily know it by looking at a polar bear’s ample figure, but the world’s only marine bear is a fat-burning machine.

Polar bears can lose as much as four pounds of pure fat per day, according to Anthony Pagano, a wildlife research biologist with the United States Geological Survey. While dieters around the world would love to know the bears’ secret — to shave off a...

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