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'Damn cameras': LeBron defends reaction to JR Smith gaffe - New York Post

CLEVELAND — On the eve of a must-have NBA Finals Game 3 against Golden State, LeBron James was asked about the video that has gone viral. No, not the one of a kitten playing Chopsticks on a piano.

The one of James looking like he wanted to jab a pair of chopsticks into somebody’s throat at the end of regulation of Game 1.

“It went viral?” James asked. “Damn cameras.


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Placer County Says New Rating Will Lower Fire Insurance Costs - CBS Sacramento

The types of tequila at Florez Bar and Grill, blancos, anejos, mezcal, reposadas and premiums, number in the double digits, and the bar offers an array of margaritas. The latter include hibiscus, pomegranate, tamarind and basil blueberry, a skinny Cadillac with Grand Marnier and another with George Clooney’s Tequila Casamingos Blanco. via sacramento.cbslocal.com

In private FEMA remarks, Trump's focus strays from hurricanes - Washington Post

The meeting was supposed to be about hurricane preparedness, as disaster officials gathered at Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters days after the start of the 2018 season.

But President Trump had a lot else on his mind, turning the closed-door discussion into soliloquies on his prowess in negotiating airplane deals, his popularity, the effectiveness of his political...

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OnePlus 6 review, a second opinion: The best Android phone under $550 - Android Central

OnePlus has been so incredibly consistent in its phone releases, particularly since the OnePlus 2 , that you kind of get tired of the storyline. It's a flagship-level phone, without the flagship-level price. (The "flagship killer" moniker has all but died, thankfully.) We get it now, that base premise in itself no longer makes OnePlus phones interesting. So it has to actually make a phone...

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Body-Cam Tech Is A Need, Not A Want - New Haven Independent

(Opinion) —During the past few months, the budget for the City of New Haven has become a hotly contested issue. The city is facing a $20 million deficit in its Board of Education, rising costs for health benefits in its pensions, and a decline in financial support from the state. These conditions force New Haven residents to live by the motto, “we have to do more with...

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