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Watch test footage from a new low-light 4K VR underwater camera - Boing Boing

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Photo by srv007 on Flickr

Eight cameras in a horizontal radial array with an additional two on the vertical axis creates a larger than traditional overlap of images, allowing for the 8k or 4k stitched image or a 4k 3D image.

The subsea monitor provides realtime monitoring for eight simultaneous cameras and one primary camera.

The system also incorporates Genlock tri-level sync and over 2 hours of...

via boingboing.net

Microsoft is Live Streaming from Its Underwater Data Center in Scotland - Data Center Knowledge

Photo by on Flickr

If you're one of those people who's always thought there's something fishy about Microsoft, you might want to take a gander at the live video that's streaming online from a couple of cameras watching the Project Natick data center that Redmond deployed in June. Your suspicions will be confirmed.

Natick isn't your father's data center. It's a horizontal cylinder-shaped structure that...

via www.datacenterknowledge.com

The world's finest underwater photography in the Through Your Lens photo contest - New Atlas

Photo by The Guncle on Flickr

The Wide-Angle category offers up some perspective-twisting treats and Alex Dawson's first place-winning photograph perfectly fits the bill. The image (below), taken off the coast of Tala Bay in Jordon, shows a diver exploring the sunken wreck of an anti-aircraft tank. After 20 years underwater the tank has been slowly colonized by a number of undersea organisms turning what was previously...

via newatlas.com

Underwater Photography Shines Light on Bizarre Creatures - Geek

Photo by the_gain_card on Flickr
“The underwater photo contest continues to be one of our favorite issues to produce,” the magazine staff wrote in a recent announcement . “For the 14th year, we’ve asked underwater photographers of all skill levels to submit their best work … and we marvel at how many beautiful images you all have shared.” via www.geek.com

Bloomberg: Sony Mirrorless Cameras Winning Over Pros - DivePhotoGuide.com

Photo by --= EN =-- on Flickr

It’s always nice when our niche photography industry goes mainstream. And that’s exactly what we have with this informative report from Bloomberg , which examines how Sony is winning over professional photographers with their full-frame mirrorless cameras.

The general consensus is that Sony has made significant ground by innovating with ultra-fast, full frame...

via www.divephotoguide.com

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