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Kenko DG Extension Tube Set for Full-Frame Sony E-mount

  • Includes 10mm and 16mm tube rings
  • For Sony E-mount full-frame and APS-C cameras.
  • Complete Auto Focus functionality
  • Provides Full Electronic compatibility
  • Kenko 10mm Extension Tube - 16mm Extension Tube...
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The Kenko DG Extension Tube Set for full-frame Sony E mount and APS-C cameras reduces the minimum focusing distance allowing you to focus closer to your subject. It essentially provides any lens macro functionality without sacrificing the lens' original sharpness and clarity. Kenko DG Extension Tube is an element without any optics. The purpose of Kenko DG Extension Tube is to move lens farther from the the image sensor. The farther the distance - the bigger the magni?cation is obtained. Marco lens is originally more expensive then standard speci?cation lens. Kenko DG Extension Tube is a attractive way to convert your standard lens into Macro lens. Kenko extension tubes are precisely made in Japan in order to guarantee the best quality and long life of the product. Simple construction matches APC-S size amirrorless and Full Frame E-mount SONY cameras. Attaching between camera and lens DG Extension tube will change your lens into macro lens without large investments in additional optical equipment. You will get close up image, the one you can not shoot with lens only. The wider the ring, the shorter focusing distance to the object. That is why Kenko Extension Tube Set comes with 10mm and 16mm tube rings. You can use it separately, or together. Kenko Extension Tubes for Full Frame SONY E-mount mirrorless cameras have electronic contacts to provide Auto Focus and EXIF data corresponding between camera and lenses. Kenko adopted electro

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