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Bell & Howell DNV6HD Rogue Infrared Night Vision 1080p HD Video Camera Camcorder (Black) with 16GB Card + Case + Tripods + LED Light + Kit

  • [3] PD LED Video Light w/ Bracket + [4] PD 50"...
  • [1] Bell & Howell DNV6HD Rogue Infrared Night...
  • [8] PD 8 SD Card Memory Card Case + [9] LCD...
  • [5] PD-C20 Camera/Camcorder Case + [6] PD 5pc...
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Kit includes:
♦ 1) Bell & Howell DNV6HD Infrared 1080p HD Camcorder (Black)
♦ 2) Transcend 16GB SecureDigital (SDHC) 300x UHS-1 Class 10 Memory Card
♦ 3) PD LED Video Light with Bracket
♦ 4) PD-50PVTR 50" Compact Travel Tripod
♦ 5) PD-C20 Digital Camera/Camcorder Case
♦ 6) PD 5-Piece Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit
♦ 7) PD Flexible Tabletop Mini Tripod
♦ 8) PD SD/MicroSD Memory Card Case
♦ 9) PD Universal LCD Screen Protectors
♦ 10) Image Recovery Software

The Bell & Howell DNV6HD is an affordable high definition camcorder that records up to 20 hours of video to removable SD/SDHC memory cards (20 hours per 32GB card). The DNV6HD HD features 20.0 MP resolution built-in digital camera, 8x digital zoom, face detection, anti-shake image stabilization, and much more to help you capture your memories in sharp detail. Other useful features like the 3.0" Touch LCD display with 270° swivel and the built-in video light/camera flash further aid in getting just the right shot. In addition, the DNV6HD also gives you the ability to capture vivid 1080p HD video with a frame rate of 30fps. Take quality photos or video in the dark with night scene mode and or with infrared night vision.

Take more high-resolution pictures faster (up to 45MB/sec.) with this Transcend 16GB SecureDigital (SDHC) 300x UHS-1 Class 10 Memory Card.

The Precision Design LED Video Light with Bracket is the perfect addition to your camcorder when shooting in dark or shadowy areas. This unit has a powerful array of 35 bright LED bulbs that can extend a glow up to 25 feet.

This Precision Design 50-inch Compact Tripod is ideal for keeping your camera steady in nearly any location.

This padded carrying case includes a zippered main compartment with padded velcro divider, large exterior zippered pockets, and mesh pockets to securely hold your equipment.

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