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JTZ DP30 Camera Baseplate Shoulder Support Rig 15mm Rod Kit for SONY FS5 PXW-FS5

  • Nowadays, with the rapid development of digital...
  • With DP30, you will only need to change very...
  • With JTZlink, the above different brand and...
  • DP30 adopts JTZlink protocol to its electronic...
  • DP30 takes ALLinOne concept into its structure...
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JTZ DP30 Camera Cage Shoulder Handle Grip Advanced Set is fully compatible with all SONY PXW-FS5, contains as follow:

1.Camera Cage Module: (Specialized Module)

JLA-1 JTZlink Module × 1
JTZlink Module Mounting Plate × 1
Adapter Ring for Original grip to Arri Tooth × 1
Quick Release Base Plate for FS5 × 1
Quick Release Base Plate with Lens Adapter Support for FS5 × 1
Lens Supoort × 1

2.Baseplate Module: (Universal Module Fit For All Cameras/Camcorders)

15mm Quick Release Base Plate × 1
5" Dovetail Plate for 15mm Rod × 1
15mm Aluminum Rod (Length 250mm) × 2
Flange for 15mm Rod × 2

3.Handle Grip Module: (Universal Module Fit For All Cameras/Camcorders)

Standard handle grip(with cap) × 1 (Kindly Note: The grip is allowing use with the original grip simultaneously, and maintain the all of the original function on each other.)

Adjustable Extension Arm Handle Grip × 1
Double-sided Flange Rod × 1
Handle Bi-directional Mounting Screw × 1

4.Shoulder Bracket Module: (Universal Module Fit For All Cameras/Camcorders)

Standard Multifunctional Shoulder Bracket × 1
8" Dovetail Plate for 15mm Rod × 1
Adjustable Detachable Shoulder Holder for Locking Buckle × 1
15mm Aluminum Rod (Length 100mm) × 2
Several Spare Wrenches and Screws

Kindly Note:Whole Set for Demonstration Only (Not Included)

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