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What to look for when buying a digital camera?

You can break the test in two stages. In the first, we will check the basic functions that affect the performance as a whole unit, and then the secondary, which determine the image quality, speed and so on.
How to check when buying a camera

The first stage

  1. Look at the camera from scratches, damage to the body, the lens;
  2. All buttons should be pressed and effortlessly, no sink, no backlash and so on, the same applies to the wheels;
  3. Turn on the machine, check keys;
  4. Take a few shots in different lighting conditions to test the functionality of the built-in flash;
  5. Focusing on the various sites, while the sound of it, which is published by the camera is heard. Ideally, you should not hear nothing more than a quiet hum incorporated mechanisms. Crack or worse - is very bad;
  6. All captured images download and watch carefully to the computer;
  7. Finally, do not forget to check the supplied device. This information is present in the user guide.

The second stage

It is more complex and requires a bit slow time.

  1. Check optical focus on correcting and lack of front- or back-focus. To do this on the table and put a line focus at a given point. After searching on a computer that have not slips autofocus;
  2. Check the optical subsystem to the absence of distortion. Often when various objects around is photographed to appear in image distortion, such as purple fringing, blurs, sunbirds and other artifacts. Of course, you need to take to check the maximum resolution.
  3. Check the absence of hot pixels. By this photograph monotone several pages in the same light. After that, carefully reviewed the images on the computer. In this case, also, the resolution should be maximized.
  4. It is also necessary to check the uniformity of the filling frame. On working parent you can successfully change the resolution depending on the position in the rack. Photographing the page with the text and check this option.
  5. The first phase of testing, it is desirable to carry out at once when you buy, no matter where it happens - in the workshop or courier delivery of goods. But the second, later. In any case, the product works official manufacturer's warranty.

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