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News: Wondershare Recoverit Now Supports Data Recovery from Digital Cameras, SD Card, and More - California Newswire

Recoverit has now made it easier than ever for its users to recover photos from cameras, SD cards, USB drives, and numerous other sources. With its different scanning algorithms and advanced features, the tool is known to have one of the highest data recovery rates in the industry.

SHENZHEN, China /California Newswire/ -- Recoverit has now made it easier than ever for its...

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Still not sure what mirrorless cameras are? Here's how they compare to DSLRs - SFGate

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Skip Black Friday Lines With These Deals On Tech - Forbes

The Canon E05 Rebel is one of the most popular DSLRs on the market and for good reason. Its rugged, reliable build combined with smooth, intuitive hardware makes for a camera that can shoot anything from Wedding or Portrait Photography to Sports or Fashion. It even films video at 1080p HD resolution, so you can shoot behind-the-scenes film of your photoshoots or start your own YouTube channel.... via www.forbes.com

Mystery solved! Canon reveals what the R in Canon EOS R really means - Digital Camera World

When companies append random letters to their products, there's always an air of mystery as to what they mean. For instance, the 'i' in iPod and iPhone was one of those mysterious things - until Steve Jobs revealed it stood for internet (well, that's what it stood for when the first iMacs were released).

Skip to 2018 and the Canon EOS R is here and that dangling R actually stands...

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Manfrotto gets tough with its new Pro Light Reloader 55 hard cases - Digital Camera World

Manfrotto’s massive range of camera bags just got bigger with addition of these two new cases. They join the company’s Reloader range of bags designed to meet airline carry-on case sizes so you don’t have to check your valuable gear into the hold.

Where the existing Reloader bags are soft, the Tough H-55 (high hood) and L-55 (low hood) models are rigid cases secured by Manfrotto’s...

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