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CSI Community Ed offers photography class - Twin Falls Times-News

In this class, students will join award-winning photographer Drew Nash in learning how to use their digital camera beyond its automatic settings and pick up some tricks of the trade along the way. Participants will need to own their own digital single lens reflex cameras. During the class, Drew will cover how to understand exposure, the key functions of a DSLR camera, composition, lens...

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Fujifilm: Mirrorless cameras continue to overtake DSLRs - Cameras ... - The Star Online

Mirrorless cameras' market share continues to overtake digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) as users opt for lighter and more compact photography solutions, says Fujifilm.

Its Malaysia managing director Yoshitaka Nakamura revealed that demand for mirrorless cameras grew 24% last year, holding a market share ratio of 58:42 against DLSRs.

"We expect our latest X-A5 to... via www.thestar.com.my

5 Simple Ways To Take Better Photos With Your iPhone - Know Your Mobile

When I was growing up if you wanted to take a really good photograph you needed a DSLR camera. The point-and-shoots of the day just couldn’t produce optimal shots (keep in mind, this was the early 1990s–well before digital cameras even existed). Today, however, the story has changed. The cameras we have in our smartphones have gotten incredibly good. Not only do most flagship smartphones...

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Panasonic Lumix GH5S DSLR camera with 4K video recording launched in India - The Mobile Indian

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The DSLR comes with a price tag of Rs 184,990 and it will be available at all Panasonic stores across the country.

Panasonic has announced the launch of the latest Lumix GH5S camera in India. The DSLR comes with a price tag of Rs 184,990 and it will be available at all Panasonic stores across the country.

The... via www.themobileindian.com

Digital versus film: Is there still a place in photography for film and can digital ever best analog? - imaging resource

It's 2018, but here we are, comparing film and digital. Can you tell the difference between the two? Which one looks better? This time the comparison is being done by Jay P. Morgan and The Slanted Lens . Morgan and company create great video tutorials, but they sometimes look specifically at camera gear as well.

In the video below, the camera representing "digital" is the Nikon D850...

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