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Kickstarter campaign promises the "Ultimate Lens Hood" - Digital Camera World

In terms of sentences you never thought you’d say, 'I’m very excited about this new lens hood' is probably up there.

The new Ultimate Lens Hood, however, which is currently funding on Kickstarter , is a genuinely exciting bit of kit that we can’t wait to have a play with.

It’s a black silicone cone designed to stretch to fit any lens, whether you’re...

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The best 4K camera for filmmaking in 2018 - Digital Camera World

Whether you’re moving into video for the first time, or upgrading an older camera to cope with a demand for premium-quality 4K video, you’ll find the best 4K cameras for filmmaking that you can buy right now – at all budgets – in this guide.

There's always been a crossover between photography and video, but it's only in the last few years that consumer-level stills...

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Watch how Nikon tests the durability of its D850 professional DSLR - Digital Trends

Keen hobbyists and professional photographers go for full-frame cameras for a myriad of reasons, not just in the expectation of shooting images of higher quality than their crop-sensor counterparts.

The camera’s durability and robustness are also of paramount importance, especially for those who shoot while out and about in a range of challenging conditions.

Nikon released...

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Huawei Caught Again Using High-End Camera to Sub for Smartphone Shot - Fortune

Modern smartphones take remarkably high-quality photos, but Huawei shows there’s still an incentive to fudge reality—and not for the first time. The company used a DSLR, a high-end digital camera, to capture images for an ad in Egypt that are set up to look as if the company’s Nova 3i phone was responsible for the shot.

While a digital-photography expert might have noticed certain...

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Canon EOS 1500D Review: - Digital Cameras - Digital SLR ... - PC World

Today, I shoot semi-professionally and have a kit comprising the Canon 6D Mark II and four Canon L series lens. The obvious difference is the 550D was a APS-C (cropped sensor) DSLR while the 6D MKII is full frame. My kit now is well into the five figure replacement value; then, it was around $4300 when I eventually moved up to the Canon EOS 7D and added a couple of other lens and a basic...

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